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Community Infrastructure Levy

From 6 April 2015, New Forest District Council will be charging the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on all new residential floorspace in the area. The money will be used to support development by funding infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want - for example, new or safer road schemes, park improvements or new community facilities.

The levy is charged in pounds (£) per square metre on new floorspace (measured as Gross Internal Area). The Charging Schedule sets a rate of £80 per sqm for residential development which will apply in all areas of the District. All other uses will be charged at £0.

The amount payable will be index linked from the year CIL was introduced by the Council to the year when planning permission is granted. The index we must use is known as the national All-in Tender Price Index which is published by the Build Cost Information Service (BCIS). For 2020 with indexation the CIL figure has increased to around £103 per sqm'.

Follow the links below to find further information.

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If you have any further queries please contact the Planning Admin Team by emailing or telephone 023 8028 5345.

Updated: 20 Apr 2020
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