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There are many useful free leaflets and resources available to help you in the planning and operation of your food business

The Food Standards Agency provides a number of useful resources to support food businesses:

  • Starting Up - Your first steps to running a catering business is specifically for people setting up a restaurant, cafe or other catering business, whether you are taking over a business that already exists or starting a new one. It gives practical advice on registration, food hygiene, health and safety, VAT and record keeping.
  • Food Hygiene - A Guide to businesses explains the key requirements of the food hygiene law in place in the UK. It is aimed for restaurants, cafes and other caterers as well as food shops.
  • E.coli O157: control of cross-contamination provides important guidance on such topics as separating work areas, cleaning and disinfection, the safe use of complex equipment such as vacuum packers, and the importance of hand washing.

There are a number of food safety management systems available, depending upon the nature and size of your business:

  • Safer Food, Better Business for Retailers is designed to help small retail food businesses such as small convenience stores, tobacconists and newsagents comply with food law. It is not suitable for specialist retailers such as butchers, fishmongers or bakers.
  • Safer Food, Better Business for Caterers has been developed to help small catering businesses such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways comply with food law.
  • SFBB Supplement for Care Homes is a supplement designed to accompany the caterers Safer Food, Better Business pack and is designed to help caterers and staff working in small residential care homes. It covers such areas as extra care, gift food and mini kitchens. It is not suitable for use in nursing homes.
  • SFBB for different cuisines is available tailored for different cuisines: Chinese or Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan
  • SFBB in other Languages: SFBB is also  and in different languages
  • SFBB for childminders is especially for childminders and gives simple, straightforward advice on food safety, including information on feeding babies and children etc.

Other general guidance:

  • Fitness to Work - A practical guide for food business operators aims to help managers and staff to prevent the spread of infection by advising which illnesses and symptoms staff should report and what managers should do in response.
  • The Food Standards Agency has released a video guide to E.coli aim at those people who work in butchers shops or similar places where both raw and ready to eat food is sold or prepared. you can see more information on the FSA website including a link to the video on YouTube.
  • Beat the barbecue bugs is a leaflet for you if you are thinking of barbecuing - how to ensure food is properly cooked, and minimising cross contamination risks.
  • Eggs - advice for caterers explains how you should handle and use eggs to prevent the possible spread of salmonella.
Updated: 4 Nov 2016
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