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Many Local Authorities have licensed certain 'open spaces' for this activity in which case permission should be sought from the relevant person, department or body that holds the premises licence.

Generally this is not the case in the New Forest area and therefore in most cases the only way to legally undertake 'Busking' in the New Forest District area is either subject to the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003, or exempt under the provisions of the Live Music Act 2012.

The Live Music Act removed any licensing requirements for:

  • Amplified live music taking place between 8am and 11pm before audiences of no more than 200 people on premises authorised to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises;
  • Amplified live music between 8am and 11pm before audiences of no more than 200 people in workplaces not otherwise licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 (or licensed only for the provision of late night refreshment);
  • Unamplified music between 8am and 11pm in all venues.

Where the above does not apply, busking in the New Forest would have to be undertaken in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003, either as a permitted temporary activity using a temporary events notice (TEN) or via a premises licence.

Further information relating to permitted temporary activities can be found using the following link.

Updated: 13 Mar 2015
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