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Ice Safety

Do you have an ice machine? If yes, this information is for you.

We have produced an ice safety sticker for businesses, which can be placed onto your ice machine giving key advice to ensure that the ice produced is safe to be used. If you would like one of the stickers you can contact us: Environmental Health or click adobe icon Ice Safety Sticker [10kb] to view the full size sticker.

Ice Sticker

In 2009 Local Authorities in Hampshire undertook a survey of the quality of the ice found in ice machines in pubs, hotels and clubs. The general findings are as follows:

  • In general, standards of hygiene were found to be very poor with mould being a particular problem. 71.5% of ice machines contained levels of mould indicative of poor hygiene i.e. showing a lack of effective cleaning and disinfection
  • 73% of ice machines were visually dirty indicating poor standards of cleaning and disinfection. This indicates that ice machines are not being checked for signs of contamination let alone being cleaned;
  • 6% of ice samples contained unsatisfactory levels of E.coli and 12% of ice samples contained unsatisfactory levels of Enteroccocci. Both these micro-organisms are evidence of faecal contamination. This may be a result of inadequate hand washing by food handlers after using the toilet and/or after handling raw meat and vegetables;
  • businesses were often unaware of the correct cleaning procedure for their particular machine. Very few of the pubs and clubs included in the survey were able to produce a copy of the manufacturers' servicing and cleaning instructions.
Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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