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Fitness to Work

Action to be taken by employees and employers in case of illness.

Food business operators must not allow anyone to handle or to enter an area where food is handled if they:

  • are suffering from (or carrying) a disease likely to be transmitted through food;
  • have infected wounds, skin infections or sores;
  • have diarrhoea.

If possible, you should try to identify what has caused your illness or condition. Staff with diarrhoea or vomiting should not return to work until they have had no symptoms for 48 hours.

You should also tell your employer if you:

  • feel unwell.
  • were ill while on holiday.
  • if anyone in your household has sickness or diarrhoea.
  • you have been in contact with the rare but serious illnesses of typhoid or paratyphoid fever.

If you have to visit your doctor, remember to say you are a food handler.


Updated: 30 Apr 2018
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