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Local Transport Schemes

The Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council adopted the New Forest District Transport Statement on 11th September 2012.  The adopted Transport Statement aims to provide a comprehensive level of local transport policy for the District and includes a list of transportation schemes.

The list of schemes included in the New Forest Transport District Statement was largely based on the Transport Contributions Policy (TCP) list of schemes jointly agreed by Hampshire County Council (HCC) and New Forest District Council's (NFDC) .  NFDC consulted with District and local County Members, Town and Parish Councils, technical officers and other stakeholder representatives as part of the development of the TCP schemes list.

The schedule of local transport improvements accord with adobe icon Core Strategy Policies [871kb], in particular Core Strategy Policy CS24 regarding 'Transport considerations', which states that:

"To minimise the impact of new development on the existing transport infrastructure, where appropriate, development proposals will be required to:

(a) include a range of appropriate mitigating transport measures, particularly aimed at improving accessibility by non-car modes and reducing the adverse impact of traffic;... and...

Contributions will be sought to improve pedestrian and cycle routes and assist public transport to improve accessibility by non-car modes."

The adobe icon list of transport schemes [150kb] is a "live" list and will be updated on an annual basis.  Officers at HCC and NFDC will work closely together to ensure the lists remain up to date and any proposed amendments will be presented to Members for endorsement at Highways & Transport workshops.  The Transport Statement is available to view on Hampshire County Council's website (together with the Executive Members report).

Requests to amend the New Forest District Transport Statement can be made direct to HCC ( and if NFDC considers amendments to the list are appropriate it will seek the views of local NFDC/HCC Members and the Town/Parish Council before deciding whether or not to request HCC make any changes.  If you want to contact NFDC about this please email

The schemes will largely be funded by developers' contributions (and forthcoming Community Infrastructure Levy contributions), collected by the New Forest District Council for developments in the District outside the National Park.  Developers' contributions, after receipt, are formally allocated by NFDC through established HCC/NFDC partnership working arrangements which take account of the National Planning Policy Framework. The allocation of contributions to schemes on the list needs to be consistent with any transport schemes identified prior to the determination of each planning application and likewise to schemes that benefit the application site in question.  A summary of schemes that have had funds allocated towards their implementation is available via the links below.

Details of some schemes that NFDC are progressing can also be found in the Traffic Management Programme.

Maps detailing the locations of the proposed transport schemes to promote walking, assist use of public transport and mitigate against the adverse impact of traffic are identified for each settlement (see the list on the left). The agreed adobe icon District Statement schemes list [150kb] provides further details of all the schemes in the New Forest District some of which are to be funded by developers' contributions and identified on the maps.

Updated: 2 Apr 2015
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