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Notes Relating To Individually Calculated Charges

Important notes

These charges have been set by the authority on the basis that:

1. The building work does not consist of, or include, innovative or high risk construction techniques.
2. The design and building work is undertaken by a person or company that is competent to carry out the relevant design and building work.

If the project does not comply with all of the above conditions supplementary charges maybe incurred.

Individually determined charges

If the work you are carrying out is not listed as a Standard Charge, the charge will be Individually Determined. This method of determining the charge mainly relates to larger schemes and includes the following types of building work:

1. Extensions to a building where the floor area of the extension exceeds 100m².
2. Non Domestic alterations where the estimated cost of the building work exceeds £100,000.
3. Any other work not described in the Tables of Standard Charges.
4. A Reversion charge for all project types.

Payment Details - Cheques should be made payable to 'New Forest District Council'. Payment may also be made by cash or debit card.

Submitting your Application- Applications may be deposited in person, by post or electronically using our on-line submission system:

For further advice or assistance please contact the Building Control office:

Tel: 023 8028 5245
Fax: 023 8083 5370

Updated: 18 May 2018
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