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Council Tax & Non Domestic Rate Collection

What happens with your money

The Council's Revenues Service bills more than 80,000 householders.  During the 2014/15 financial year, the Council received payments of more than £100 million and collected 99% of council tax owed. The service actively encourages customers to use a range of electronic payment methods, including direct debit, via the internet and the Council's 24 hour automated payment system.

The service works closely with the benefits team to ensure householders receive the bill reductions to which they are entitled. For those customers who struggle to pay, they are encouraged to contact us straight away so we can discuss their particular circumstances with them.  We may be able to extend their payments over a longer period or allow the customer to defer payment for a short period.

Customers now have a legal right to pay council tax over 12 months, April to March. Although the majority of households prefer to pay over the traditional10 months, some customers find it easier to budget their finances paying over 12 months.

The Service actively pursues those who neglect, avoid or delay paying their council tax. In 2014/15 the service sent over 20,000 instalment reminders, obtained more than 3,000 Magistrates' Court orders, sent over 500 attachment orders to employers for direct deductions, over 1,800 bailiff instructions and obtained 20 charging orders secured on domestic properties, for unpaid council tax.

The service also administers non-domestic rates. During 2013/14 we billed more than 6,600 non-domestic ratepayers collecting over 98% of monies owed. The service promotes appropriate reductions for non-domestic ratepayers including small business rate relief, a new scheme introduced by the Government specifically to help ratepayers who occupy retail premises and rate relief schemes for charitable and not for profit organisations such as small local sports clubs.

The Council actively pursues those who neglect, avoid or delay paying their rates although ratepayers are encouraged to contact the Service in they have difficulty making the required payments.

Updated: 27 Apr 2015
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