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The council is responsible for all aspects of regulatory planning and environmental development for those areas within the district that fall outside of the National Park's boundary.

In the New Forest District planning area, which excludes the New Forest National Park we have:

  • Green Belt
  • 21 conservation areas;
  • 1,500 listed buildings;
  • numerous nature conservation designations;
  • part of the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs areas of outstanding natural beauty; and
  • many important trees are covered by tree preservation orders.


The main parts of the planning service are the consideration of planning applications (Development Management) and the preparation of the Local Plan.  The planning application process is a statutory one governed by legislation, government regulations and local policies.  Currently planning application fees are set centrally by Government and you will pay the same wherever you live in the Country.  Preparation of a Local Plan, which guides future development and planning decisions, is also a statutory requirement.

The planning application process often commences with the provision of pre-application advice to applicants, agents and residents leading to the submission of a planning application and ultimately resulting in the issuing of a decision.  This can be followed by an appeal process if the application is refused.  Enforcement action will ensue if permission is incorrectly implemented or there is a breach of planning control.  Locally set charges apply to the provision of pre application advice.

Other important parts of the planning service at the council are:

- The building control team who ensure that buildings are constructed in accordance with building regulations.

- The transportation team who deal with certain types of road closure applications and organise minor traffic management measures,  working closely with Hampshire County Council.

- The environmental design team who  give design advice in planning policy documents, and to pre-application advice and the consideration of planning applications.  They also design and oversee the implementation of projects to improve natural green spaces, public open spaces and other community facilities.

All planning processes are fundamentally concerned with the development of the built environment and land use; therefore the outcomes will be the same for all residents of the New Forest regardless of age, gender, disability or race.

We do not deal with any matters under the Town and Country Planning legislation in the New Forest National Park which has a separate planning office.  We do deal with building regulation and transportation matters across the whole of the district.





Updated: 30 Apr 2019
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