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Environmental Health

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Environmental Protection

The Council provides a diverse range of services aimed at protecting public health by controlling pollution and nuisances that are likely to have an adverse effect on the population or environment.  These services include:

- The review and assessment of air quality in the district in line with the National Air Quality Strategy and Environment Act 1995. Currently there is only one air quality management area (AQMA), relating to nitrogen dioxide from traffic in Lyndhurst. The Fawley AQMA which related to sulphur dioxide concentrations was revoked in 2013; as, following works undertaken by the refinery, there was no longer an exceedance of the objective. The Totton AQMA which related to nitrogen dioxide from traffic was revoked in 2016.

- The investigation and where necessary, the abatement of around 500 complaints per year relating to noise pollution.

- The investigation of complaints of statutory nuisance such as bonfires, odours, accumulations of rubbish, light, insects and their abatement/control when necessary.

- The investigation of filthy and verminous premises.

- Responding to drainage related complaints and securing any necessary remedial treatments.

- Giving education, guidance and advice on pollution and recreational water quality related matters.

- Monitoring private water supplies in accordance with legal requirements.

- Compilation and publishing appropriate data on pollution matters.

- The implementation of the Contaminated Land Strategy and fulfilling the statutory obligations under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

- The inspection and control of prescribed processes/installations under the associated pollution control regimes.

- Ensuring the district is free from rodent infestations.

- Acting as consultee for the District Council, New Forest National Park and Hampshire County Council (Mineral and Waste) Planning Authorities to provide expert advice on matters concerned with noise, air quality, odours, lighting etc.

- Acting as a Responsible Authority to ensure that Licensed Premises do not undermine the 'Prevention of Public Nuisance' Licensing objective.

Caravan and Camping Site Licensing

- The licensing of all residential, static holiday and touring caravan sites, and campsites.

- The regular inspection of all residential sites and appropriate enforcement action where non-compliance with caravan site licence conditions is found.

- The provision of advice to licensees and residents.

Food Safety

The provision of a food hygiene and food safety regulatory service for all 1800 food businesses in the district. This involves:

- Inspection and rating of food businesses.

- The provision of advice to business.

- Investigation of complaints regarding the standard of food hygiene in businesses.

- Taking appropriate enforcement action where non-compliance with food law is found.

- Investigation of food purchased in the district that fails food safety requirements or is unsafe or contains foreign bodies.

- Investigation of food poisoning reported directly by the ill person or confirmed by a doctor.

Health and Safety

The provision of an occupational health and safety regulatory service for all businesses that fall under local authority enforcement in the district (The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the enforcement authority for manufacturing businesses). The following is carried out in providing this service:

- Investigation of complaints regarding the standard of health and safety in businesses.

- Investigation of accidents involving people at work and those visiting a workplace.

- Inspection of the highest risk businesses and those identified by HSE.

- Taking appropriate enforcement action where non-compliance with health and safety law is found.

- The provision of advice to business.

Updated: 13 Jul 2017
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