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Larger Residential or Commercial Schemes


The number of larger scale schemes received by the District Council is relatively small, but they require a disproportionate amount of time to deal with, given the nature and complexity of the issues likely to arise.

Obviously schemes for 300 houses will take more time than those for 26 so the Council require those requesting advice for 26 or more residential units or over 1,000 square metres of commercial floor space to submit an informed request and to then discuss and agree the level and timescales for response at an Inception meeting.

This can cover an extended period of time and multiple meetings etc. and will require a form of Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with the associated funding to be entered into.

The inception meeting, which is free and will be hosted by the anticipated Case Officer (and attended by either the Development Management Team Leader or the Service Manager - Planning Development Management) to formalise a PPA by agreeing with you the Vision and Objectives, a key issues and task list, the project team, the decision-making framework, the project programme, exactly what the Council will provide and the fee. This will be arranged within 10 working days of an informed request (see below) being submitted

The Council will thereafter be responsible for;

  • negotiating and entering into an Agreement
  • agreeing the overall project plan
  • providing a co-ordinated response involving the input of the necessary internal and external consultees and colleagues
  • defining the key issues and suggesting how they should be addressed
  • arranging a series of meetings with the developers and ensuring that a central point exists through which all communication between the Council and its consultees and the developers is routed.
  • ensuring time spent on the project is accurately recorded with these records available for inspection.
  • monitoring the process and ensuring an adequate response if unexpected issues arise
  • regularly liaising with the developer to discuss progress and any revisions required to the project plan or funding arrangements.

The Developer will be responsible for;

  • agreeing to the funding arrangements and the project plan including the milestones and identifying the resources they have to hand to meet their obligations.
  • paying the required fee or fees if payment is phased
  • responding to queries and providing information as required to meet the agreed programme. (e:g in advance of any timetabled meetings)
  • ensuring adequate attendance at meetings arranged
  • keeping the Council regularly updated as to progress and to any unexpected eventualities that arise
  • providing a draft version of the resulting planning application and any supporting documents so as to allow the Council and its consultees to make final comments

An informed request comprises the submission of information that clearly explains the nature of the proposals, identifies issues and constraints that appear relevant, notes any previous consultations with the Council, the community or consultees that has taken place and contains an initial project plan identifying the level of support required and the timescales that will apply.

Subsequent information requirements, such as Design and Access or Heritage Statements, Flood Risk Assessments and Environmental Impact or Habitat Regulations Assessment issues etc. will be discussed at the Inception Meeting.

Updated: 3 Oct 2018
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