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Planning applications: how does the process work?

Detailed below is the typical process that an application has to go through. Please note all applications are scanned onto the website when they are validated and subsequently any correspondence received and report written etc. which will be available via our public access pages - Planning online

Pre-application advice 
We strongly encourage you to discuss what you are proposing to do with us before you submit your application and have set procedures in place to be used when seeking planning advice. Unless we are dealing with a Major application and an extension of time has been formally agreed to we are not normally able to negotiate amendments to plans once a formal planning application has been submitted or even accept amended plans unless they can be re consulted on within the government time period for dealing with an application.

Submit application 
Your application will be checked. If it is incomplete, we will advise you by phone or e mail.  It will only be returned to you for further information if it is hopelessly inadequate or you have not included the fee requested. If the application is complete it will be registered and an acknowledgement letter sent to you or your agent. 

Processing the application
We will consult with colleagues and other interested organisations and notify people who may be affected by your proposals in accordance with our and will display a site notice(s).

Site visit 
We will visit the site normally unaccompanied to assess the impact of your proposal on your property, neighbouring properties and the surrounding area. We will take photographs at that time

Parish Briefing Note
Early in the process the Case Officer produces a brief note setting out what are felt to be the likely key considerations.  This is designed to inform the Parish/Town Councils and assist them in making their comments. 

Report prepared with recommendation 
Depending on the type of application, this report will be considered by either the Head of Planning and Transportation under his delegated powers or by the Planning Committee.

Decision made 
A decision notice will be issued to you or your agent. The application will be approved, approved with conditions, or refused. If it is refused or there are conditions attached which you do not agree with, you can appeal to the Secretary of State.

Where conditions are attached 
Some conditions may require further details to be submitted to and agreed by us before you start work. These are called pre-commencement conditions.
For all decisions on planning applications made on or after 1st October 2018 the Council are required to seek your agreement to any pre-commencement conditions that they propose. In these cases, a letter will be sent asking for your permission and will include the details of the pre-commencement conditions that would be imposed. Our letter will include all the pre-commencement conditions that we anticipate at the time of writing but it may be that some of these conditions can be resolved through the submission of further details during the application process where this would not prejudice our determination period.

The agreement to conditions is sought without prejudice to the determination of the planning application. 

If no response or comments are received within 10 working days of our letter we are entitled to impose the conditions. This date is clearly stated in the letter

We welcome pre-application advice to enable early identification of the details required to be submitted as well as the identification of possible conditions. In addition, the submission of as much detail as possible with your formal planning application is encouraged so that pre-commencement conditions can be limited in number.

Updated: 18 Sep 2018
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