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Sites and Development Management DPD Proposed Submission Document Background Papers

In preparing the Local Development Framework it is necessary to collect evidence in order to:

  • identify the issues that need to be addressed,
  • inform planning policies, and
  • help with appraisal of plan options.

Below are the Council's Background Papers, providing the evidence base to support the Local Development Framework:

NumberName/TitleDate of publication
BP1adobe icon Citizens Panel Survey on Planning Issues [270kb] (Questionnaire BP1 and Results BP1)2004
BP2adobe icon Young People's Panel Survey on Planning Issues [102kb] (Questionnaire BP2 and Results BP2)2006
BP3adobe icon Response to Employment DPD Preferred Options consultation [66kb]2007
BP4Future Matters- Issues and OptionsDecember 2006
BP5Future Matters Issues and Options- Report on ResponsesFebruary 2007
BP6adobe icon Summary of response to Future Matters consultation [74kb]2007
BP7adobe icon Core Strategy Development Plan Document Preferred Options [563kb] (including Appendices)October 2007
BP8adobe icon Response to Preferred Options consultation [91kb]2008
BP9adobe icon Planning Policy Statements (PPSs) and Planning Policy Guidance Notes (at September 2008) [12kb]September 2008
BP10adobe icon Summary of Progress with Preparation of Town and Village Plans [52kb] 
BP11adobe icon Range of facilities in the Plan Area's main towns and villages [42kb] 
BP12adobe icon New Forest District Town Centre Strategy - Strategic Assessment [449kb]July 2006
BP12aadobe icon Lymington Town Centre Strategy Study [1Mb]July 2006
BP12badobe icon New Milton Town Centre Strategy Study [9Mb]July 2006
BP12cadobe icon Ringwood Town Centre Strategy Study [1Mb]July 2006
BP12dadobe icon Totton Town Centre Strategy Study [3Mb]July 2006
BP13PPG 17 Sport, Recreation and Open Space Study   adobe icon Main Report [572kb],  adobe icon Appendices [454kb]February 2007
BP14adobe icon Employment Land Review [203kb]2005
BP15adobe icon Economic Profile of New Forest District [503kb]2006 (HOC)
BP16adobe icon Analysis of Employment Development Trends [55kb]2006
BP17adobe icon Employment allocations in adjoining districts [35kb]2006
BP18adobe icon Property Market Review - a commercial viewpoint 2005 (Vail Williams) [254kb]2005
BP19adobe icon Business Needs Survey Report [58kb]2005
BP20adobe icon Urban Housing Potential Study (Draft) [410kb]October 2007
BP21adobe icon Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment [117kb]October 2008
BP22adobe icon Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment (Hampshire) 2007 [1Mb]June 2007
BP22aadobe icon Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment (Hampshire) Appendices [636kb]June 2007
BP23adobe icon South Hampshire Housing Market Assessment (Parts I and II) [3Mb]April 2005
October 2006
BP24adobe icon Central Hampshire and New Forest Strategic Housing Market Assessment [5Mb]November 2007
BP24aadobe icon Central Hampshire and New Forest Strategic Housing Market Assessment Appendices [6Mb] 
BP25Affordable Housing Economic Viability AssessmentAugust 2007
BP26adobe icon Affordable Housing Economic Viability Study: Report on Residential to Residential sites and the impact of other community charges (Community Infrastructure Levy) [448kb]September 2008
BP27adobe icon Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report [3Mb]May 2006

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

adobe icon The Study Area [776kb]

adobe icon Distribution of Soil Permeability [724kb]

adobe icon Tile A [2Mb]adobe icon Tile B [2Mb]adobe icon Tile C [3Mb]adobe icon Tile D [2Mb]
adobe icon Tile E [2Mb]adobe icon Tile F [2Mb]adobe icon Tile G [1Mb]adobe icon Tile H [2Mb]
adobe icon Tile C with Climate Change [3Mb]

adobe icon Tile E with Climate Change [2Mb]

adobe icon Tile F with Climate Change [2Mb]

adobe icon Tile G with Climate Change [1Mb]

adobe icon Tile H with Climate Change [1Mb]  
October 2007
BP29adobe icon Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment of Preferred Options document [646kb]October 2007
BP30adobe icon Habitats Regulations Assessment (Appropriate Assessment) of Core Strategy [818kb]September 2008
BP31adobe icon Transport Assessment [645kb] / adobe icon Assessment of Preferred Option and 2008 Update [337kb]June 2007
September 2007
July 2008
BP32adobe icon Sustainability Appraisal Report of Preferred Options [1Mb]October 2007

adobe icon Sustainability Appraisal Report of Core Strategy [599kb].   adobe icon Annex 1-8 [590kb]

October 2008
BP34aadobe icon Core Strategy Draft Delivery Plan [50kb]October 2008
BP34badobe icon Core Strategy Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan [139kb]February 2009
35adobe icon Renewable Energy Potential of the New Forest District [3Mb]September 2010
36Poole and Christchurch Bays SMP2October 2010
37North Solent SMPDecember 2010
38aadobe icon New Forest District (outside the National Park) Green Infrastructure Strategy (DRAFT) [3Mb]January 2011
38badobe icon New Forest District (outside the National Park) Open Space Profiles (DRAFT) [902kb]January 2011
39adobe icon Update to Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (DRAFT) [626kb]January 2011
40January 2011
41adobe icon Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Statement [995kb]January 2011
42adobe icon Town centres review [95kb]January 2011
43adobe icon New Forest District Town Centre Study Update [507kb]July 2010
44adobe icon Review of transport proposals [384kb]January 2010
45adobe icon PPS25 Sequential and Exception Tests [501kb]January 2012
46Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment of New Forest District (outside the National park) Sites and Development Management DPDJanuary 2012
47adobe icon Habitats Regulations Assessment [1Mb]January 2012
48adobe icon Appropriate assessment of Eling Wharf [229kb]January 2012

In addition to the background papers listed above please find below a list of documents which have been adopted since October 2009 and which form part of the Local Development Framework.


Date of Publication

Core Strategy DPD

October 2009

New Milton Local Distinctiveness SPD                                              

June 2010      

Lymington Local Distinctiveness SPD                      

February 2011

Ringwood Town Access Plan

March 2011

Updated: 4 Sep 2018
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