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Background Paper 46 Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment of New Forest District (outside the National Park) Sites and Development Management DPD

Sustainability Appraisal
adobe icon Non-technical summary [372kb]
adobe icon 1 - Introduction [135kb]
adobe icon 2 - Sites and Development Management Development Plan Document [55kb]
adobe icon 3 - Sustainability Appraisal Methodology and Framework [224kb]
adobe icon 4 - Baseline Characteristics and Plan and Programme Management [456kb]
adobe icon 5 - Appraisal of the Development Management Policies and Alternatives [135kb]
adobe icon 6 - Appraisal of Site-Specific Policies and Alternatives [597kb]
adobe icon 7 - Implementation and Monitoring [102kb]
adobe icon 8 - Conclusions [73kb]
Explanation of selection of sites is included in Chapter 3, Sustainability Appraisal Methodology and Framework
Detailed appraisal of all sites considered is set out in Annex 2

All Appendices
adobe icon All appendices - Cover and contents [193kb]
adobe icon Appendix 1 - Site Assessment Criteria [336kb]
adobe icon Appendix 2 - Assumptions applied during the SA [222kb]
adobe icon Appendix 3 - Comments received during public consultation (January 2011) [243kb]
adobe icon Appendix 4 - Appraisal of development management policies and alternatives [489kb]
adobe icon Appendix 5 - Appraisal of site-specific policies and alternatives [656kb]
adobe icon Appendix 6 - Appraisal of town centre opportunity areas and alternatives [454kb]
adobe icon Appendix 7 - Appraisal of transport policies and alternatives [2Mb]
adobe icon Appendix 8 - Appraisal of built-up area boundary changes and alternatives [1Mb]
adobe icon Appendix 9 - Compatibility of policies [1Mb]
adobe icon Appendix 10 - List of all sites [316kb]

Annex 1 - Baseline data maps 
adobe icon Cover and contents [150kb]
adobe icon Major constraints [7Mb]
adobe icon Landscape, heritage and open space [5Mb]
adobe icon Nature conservation [6Mb]
adobe icon Agricultural land classification [1Mb]
adobe icon Air quality management zones [1Mb]
adobe icon Groundwater protection zones [1Mb]
adobe icon Tranquility [1Mb]
adobe icon Indices of multiple deprivation [1Mb]
adobe icon Routes to employment sites [2Mb]
adobe icon Routes to town centres [4Mb]
adobe icon Routes to local centres [4Mb]
adobe icon Routes to bus stops [5Mb]
adobe icon Routes to train stations [2Mb]
adobe icon Routes to doctors surgeries [3Mb]
adobe icon Routes to leisure facilities [14Mb]
adobe icon Routes to primary schools [13Mb]
adobe icon Routes to secondary schools [13Mb]
adobe icon Routes to convenience stores [14Mb]
adobe icon Routes to play areas [6Mb]
adobe icon Routes to community centres [5Mb]

Annex 2 - Appraisal of all sites considered (excluding those which were not 'reasonable alternatives') using site-specific SA framework
adobe icon Cover and contents [206kb]

adobe icon Residential sites [10Mb]

SettlementPage no.
Ashford1 - 12
Blackfield13 - 52
Bransgore (inc. Sopley Camp)53 - 64
Everton65 - 84
Fordingbridge85 - 129
Holbury130 - 133
Hordle134 - 209
Hythe210 - 261
Lymington262 - 317
Marchwood318 - 349
Milford on Sea350 -385
New Milton386 - 533
Ringwood534 - 590
Sandleheath591 - 622
Totton623 - 723

adobe icon Employment sites [2Mb]

SettlementPage no.
Bransgore (Sopley Camp)724 - 727
Hardley728 - 731
Hythe732 - 735
Lymington736 - 739
Marchwood740 - 747
New Milton748 - 799
Ringwood800 - 836
Sandleheath837 - 840
Totton841 - 877
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