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List of Submission documents

 Document sent to Planning Inspectorate at Submission
1 New Forest District (outside the National Park) Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development Management
2 Sites and Development Management Development Plan Document - Public Consultation Document January 2011
3 adobe icon New Forest District Council Proposed Changes Schedule [230kb]
4 adobe icon Errata List [1017kb]
5 adobe icon Statement of consultation, representations and community involvement [1Mb]
6 adobe icon National Planning Policy Framework - Compatibility checklist [559kb]
7 adobe icon Duty to co-operate statement [115kb]
8 Representations made in accordance with Regulation 20
9 adobe icon Summary schedule of representations in plan order [2Mb]
10 Late representations
11 Sustainability Appraisal Report (Background Paper 46 and appraisal of endorsed changes)
11a adobe icon Sustainability Appraisal of proposed changes [879kb]
12 adobe icon Habitats Regulations Assessment [1Mb] (Background Paper 47)
13 adobe icon Appropriate assessment of Eling Wharf [229kb] (Background Paper 48)
14 Core Strategy
15 adobe icon Monitoring Report 2016 [711kb]
16 Statement of Community Involvement
17 adobe icon Town centres review [95kb] (Background Paper 42)
18 adobe icon New Forest District Town Centre Study Update [507kb] (Background Paper 43)
19 adobe icon Review of transport proposals [384kb] (Background Paper 44)
20 adobe icon PPS25 Sequential and Exception Tests [501kb] for the New Forest District (outside the New Forest National Park) Sites and Development Management Development Plan Document (Background Paper 45)
21 New Forest District Local Plan (First Alteration) Adopted August 2005
Updated: 5 May 2015
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