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Transport and Lighting

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The council has a traffic management partnership agreement with Hampshire County Council (HCC). We provide an initial contact point for suggestions and complaints. We implement an agreed programme of traffic management proposals and small transport schemes based on the list of transport schemes jointly identified by this council and HCC. Priorities take account of local priorities identified by councillors, HCC, Police, town/parish councils and other stakeholders plus HCC/NFDC traffic management policies and local/national guidance/regulations.

We provide transport input into the operation of the council's policy on collecting transport contributions from developers (we do not have authority to collect developers' contributions within the National Park). We prepare outline proposals to help with identifying and addressing local priorities and scheme development. This allows us to use available developers' contributions in a timely way and to secure transport investment for the area.

We provide transport advice and respond to transport related consultations. In particular transportation input into Local Plan documents.

We have a speed/road casualty reduction project which includes partnership working with HCC, the Police some town/parish councils and stakeholders. In consultation with the Police and HCC we deploy vehicle actuated signs to alert drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit. Some of these signs collect speed data (but do not record number plates) which is summarised and published on our website.  The data collected is used to assess the extent of the speeding problem, provide speed data to help the Police prioritise and plan enforcement plus help with assessing/reducing speed related concerns.

Hampshire County Council's Economy, Transport and Environment Department is responsible for the maintenance and management of the Highway lighting network in Hampshire.  The delivery of the street lighting service is carried out by Hampshire County Council's PFI Service Provider.  NFDC provides a financial contribution to Hampshire County Council towards the delivery of this service in respect of street light that are owned by NFDC.

See also transportation section of the website for more detailed information

Updated: 21 Dec 2015
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