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Notification of Temporary Changes of Use


Classes A1 (shops), A2 (financial and professional services), A3 (restaurants and cafes), A4 (drinking establishments), Class A5 (hot food takeaways), B1 (business), D1 (non-residential institutions) and D2 (assembly and leisure)


Class A1 (shops), Class A2 (financial and professional services), Class A3 (restaurants and cafes) or Class B1 (business)

It is permitted development to temporarily change the use for up to 2 years of various uses as set out above unless:

a. The change of use relates to more than 150 square metres of floor space in the building;

b. The site has at any time in the past relied upon the permission granted by Class D;

c. The site is or forms part of a military explosives storage area;

d. The site is or forms part of a safety hazard area;

e. The building is a listed building or a scheduled monument.

Prior to undertaking the change of use the developer must notify the Authority of the date that the new use will begin, and what that use will be. If this does not occur the change of use will not be lawful. It is not possible to retrospectively do this and a full application for planning permission will be necessary.

Within the 2 year period the temporary use must cease and the use of the building will revert to its original use.

Notifications should be submitted in a letter format as a hard copy or by e-mail to detailing the date the new use will begin, what that use will be and providing full contact details.

Fee: This form of Notification does not attract a fee.

Updated: 14 Aug 2015
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