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Site Licence Conditions

Site licence conditions are put in place to ensure that caravan sites meet certain standards, in particular the setting of separation distance between homes to ensure safe access, and to prevent spread of fire, and also with regard to the site layout, and the provision of facilities, services and equipment. Site licence conditions are not the same for all sites, although they are based on Model Standards set by the Secretary of State. If you live on on a residential park home site, the site licence conditions which apply to your site should be on display on your site notice board. You can also ask the site owner for a copy.

The site licence conditions on sites in the New Forest are based upon either the adobe icon Model Standards 1989 [2Mb] or the updated adobe icon Model Standards 2008 [611kb] . Generally speaking older sites were licensed when the 1989 model standards were current, and unless there have been substantial changes to the site will still be in force. We are instructed that when a current licence condition is adequate in serving its purpose, we should not normally apply the new standard. In any instance, should a site owner wish to update the conditions, for example if the site has been substantially redeveloped, we must consider the interests of both residents and the site owner in the consideration of the proposed condition changes. Newer sites will have been licensed with regard to the 2008 model standards.

Updated: 15 Jan 2018
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