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Benefit Fraud - Report
Benefits - Backdating Request
Benefits - Change in Circumstance
Benefits - Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Claim
Benefits - Request for Explanation or Review of Decision
Benefits - Upload Proofs/Documents Here
Discretionary Housing Payments

Business Rates
Rates (Non-Domestic) - Direct Debit Instruction
Rates (Non-Domestic) - General Enquiry Form
Rates (Non-Domestic) - Hardship Relief
Rates (Non-Domestic) - Moving Premises
Rates (Non-Domestic) - Small Business Relief

Council Tax
Council Tax - Application for Single Person Discount
Council Tax - Application for Charitable Exemption
Council Tax - Application for a Discount
Council Tax - Attachment of Earnings Employers Form
Council Tax - Extra Details
Council Tax - Change Of Circumstances Form
Council Tax - Direct Debit Instruction
Council Tax - Dispute Summons
Council Tax - General Enquiry Form
Council Tax - Moving Home
Council Tax - Information Request (Post Liability Order)
Council Tax - Reduction for Disabled Person
Council Tax - SMI Doctors Certificate
Council Tax - Webpay

Customer Services
Animal (Fouling) - Report/Enquiry
Animals (Dead) - Report/Enquiry
Graffiti - Report
Grass Cutting - Report/Enquiry
Pest Control - Report/Enquiry
Public Conveniences - Report/Enquiry

Housing Services
Apply for a garage
Apply for a property
adobe icon Homesearch Application Form [270kb]
Homesearch Property Application
adobe icon Housing Rent - Direct Debit Mandate [239kb]

Hackney and Private Hire Driver Licence
Hackney Carriage (Taxi) - Vehicle Licence
Private Hire Operators Licence
Private Hire Vehicle Licence
Scrap Metal Dealers Licence
Sex Establishment Licence

Online Payments
Business Rates - Online Payment
Car Parking Clocks - Online Payment
Council Tax - Online Payment
Garden Waste Scheme - Online Payment
Housing Rent - Online Payment
Penalty Charge Notice - Online Payment
Rates (Non-Domestic) - Online Payment
Sundry Debtors - Online Payment

Planning Enforcement - Enquiry
Street Nameplates - Report/Enquiry

Recycling, Rubbish and Waste
Commercial Waste Collection - Report/Enquiry
Flyposting - Report
Flytipping - Report
Hazardous Waste - Report/Enquiry
Household Waste - Collection - Report/Enquiry
Household Waste - Garden Waste - Report/Enquiry
Litter Bins - Report/Enquiry
Market Cleaning - Report/Enquiry
Recycling - Report/Enquiry
Street Cleaning - Report/Enquiry

Abandoned Vehicles - Report/Enquiry
Concessionary Travel - Enquiry
Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Application
Notice to Owner - Online Representation
Updated: 6 Mar 2020
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