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Applications - Full Plans

This type of application requires the submission to Building Control of full drawings, specification and details of the intended work. This is to enable a detailed appraisal to be undertaken and a formal decision notice issued under Building Regulations. Once approval has been given you are safe in the knowledge that if you carry out the work strictly in accordance with those plans the technical requirements of Building Regulations will be satisfied.

Advantages of Full Plan Application

You have the assurance that, providing the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans, the regulations will be satisfied.

An approval notice can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, etc. when seeking loans or moving house.

The Building Regulation charges payable are generally less for a docs icon Full Plans Application [59kb] than a Applications - Building Notice submission for the same work.

Disadvantages of Full Plan Application

The cost of having detailed plans and specification prepared.

The need to programme work to allow sufficient time for preparation and processing plans.


Charges are required for full plans applications unless the works are within certain categories for disabled persons. The total charge is normally split into a plan fee (for checking the application) and an inspection fee (for inspecting the work on site). Separate guidance on Building Regulation charges is available.

Updated: 11 Nov 2014
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