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Does the Council seek affordable housing contributions for small scale residential development?

Policy CS15 of the Council's Core Strategy requires affordable housing provision to be made for all housing developments subject to certain limited exceptions such as single replacement dwellings or conversions of existing dwellings, and subject to any relevant site specific viability considerations.  However, on 19th May 2016 the Government issued revised national planning practice guidance following the case of West Berkshire District Council and Another v The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government which states that contributions should not be sought from developments of 10 units or less and which have a maximum combined floorspace of no more than 1,000 sqm.

Officers accept that it will generally be appropriate to give greater weight to the more recently issued national planning practice guidance than to Policy CS15 of the Core Strategy and not to seek affordable housing contributions from schemes of 10 dwellings or less.  However, in view of the conflict that arises between national policy and the Council's adopted development plan policy on this issue, all relevant planning applications will be considered by the Council's Committee which will take account of all material considerations in weighing the merits of each case. 



Updated: 21 May 2018
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