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At the Polling Station

  • Staff are very willing to help electors and are trained to so.   Please do not hesitate to ask for help at the polling station.
  • The Presiding Officer is responsible for making sure that everyone can cast their vote, as they wish, and in secret.  They will go with you to the polling booth and help you directly if you wish.   They will not tell anyone how you voted.
  • You may also take a friend or companion with you to help you to vote.
  • Each polling station has a special device to help people with visual impairments to vote without assistance - the Presiding Officer will be happy to show you how to use it.
  • A large scale copy of the ballot paper is available and displayed at each polling station to help people with visual impairments.
  • The staff at the polling station will read the names on the ballot paper out to you if you ask them.
  • We try very hard to ensure that all polling stations meet the needs of those who have disabilities, but if you experience a problem with a particular polling station we would like to hear about it.
Updated: 25 Feb 2015
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