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By post or by proxy

  • You can apply to vote by post, so you don't need to go to the polling station.  Follow this link to get the form to apply:  Application for a postal vote
  • When you apply to vote by post, and each time you cast your vote, you should provide your signature and date of birth.  This is a security measure.    However, you can ask us to waive the need to provide your signature if you find it difficult to sign your name in a consistent way, for example if you are blind, partially sighted or find it difficult to write.   A form to ask us to waive the need to sign is available at: Application to waive signature
  • If you need help to complete your postal vote and don't have anyone who could do this for you, please telephone Electoral Services on the number provided and we will arrange for someone to visit you to help.
  • You can apply to have your vote cast, on your behalf, by another person, known as a proxy, who acts on your instructions.  This could be a relative or a friend, or someone else you trust.  That person could go to the polling station and vote on your behalf, or they could arrange for your ballot papers to be sent to them through the post. Follow this link for an application form: Application to vote by proxy.  When we receive your application we will write to your proxy to ask them if they would prefer to cast your vote by post.
Updated: 25 Feb 2015
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