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Local Plan Review 2016-2036

village lane Local Plan Review 2016-2036 timetable update 21 August 2017

A summary version of the Local Plan will be reported to Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel and Planning Development Control Committee on 6 September 2017. The report will be published five days beforehand. The meeting is open to the public but given that this is a report about public consultation there will be no public participation at this stage. The next formal opportunity for comment will be at the Local Plan public consultation stage early in 2018. We are aiming to report the Submission version of the Local Plan to Council in December 2017, subject to the progress and outcome of further technical work on two unforeseen and late-arising issues.  

The first issue is that forecast traffic growth from Local Plan development proposals in combination with development outside the district has reached the threshold where further ecological investigations are necessary as part of our Appropriate Assessment to ensure internationally protected habitats are not significantly affected. This work is underway and we await the first stage of results around the end of September 2017, which will clarify whether more detailed ecological investigations would be needed.  

The second issue is that work to update the ground contour mapping of areas at risk of flooding has identified that a small number of the sites being considered for housing development are now at risk of flooding. Further work is required to establish whether they can be safely developed and included in the Local Plan. The scope and timetable for this work is being finalised and we anticipate that the results should be available by the end of October 2017.

If the results of the above assessments are favourable we should be in a position to take the submission Local Plan to Council in December 2017. If not, or if additional work is required, we may be delayed by up to three months.

This page will be updated and a revised timetable and Local Development Scheme will be published as soon as the situation is clarified.

We intend to resume site promoter meetings after the draft Local Plan is published for pre-submission public consultation, early in 2018.

Initial Proposals public consultation on the Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Part One: Planning Strategy

The main focus of this consultation was to get peoples' views on the potential locations for the new housing development we need to accommodate over the next 20 years. PLEASE NOTE: This consultation has now closed - the closing date for comments was 16 September 2016.

When finalised, the Local Plan Part One will set out our planning strategy, strategic policies and key development sites for the period 2016 to 2036 covering the district area outside of the New Forest National Park. There will be further opportunities to comment on the Local Plan in the autumn of 2017. Find out more about our timetable in our adobe icon Local Development Scheme - 7th review April 2017 [537kb].

Listen to Chris Elliot, Head of Planning, explain the Local Plan

For more information and a summary overview

Download the Draft Local Plan

View summaries of the representations received on the Initial Proposals public consultation

Strategic Land Availability Assessment - Call for Brownfield Sites
The Council has issued a call for brownfield sites as part of its Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) and future brownfield site register. The call for brownfield sites is an opportunity for individuals and landowners to suggest brownfield land and sites for consideration within the SLAA, which is used to support the preparation of the Council's Local Plan.

Site promoters

During and following the Initial Proposals consultation a number of site promoters have requested to meet the Council to discuss their proposals. Our 2016 adobe icon Open letter to site promoters [420kb] explained how we will manage and accommodate meeting requests around the work of preparing the Local Plan for pre-submission consultation by the end of September 2017.

Our adobe icon Second open letter to site promoters [246kb] (April 2017) explains the next steps for site meetings. It also requests site promoters provide information about their anticipated planning application timetables and development phasing, and to send in as soon as possible any final technical or masterplan work they wish the council to take into account in making site allocation decisions to 

See our adobe icon Draft mitigation (SANGS) guidance note [1Mb] for the design parameters for habitat mitigation and green space areas to inform the master planning of residential sites. We have also produced an illustrative example of adobe icon Supplementary Site Design Guidance/Advice [949kb] that could be prepared to support a strategic site allocation policy.

Site promoters wishing to suggest additional strategic sites not already submitted can do so by completing a Sites submission form and emailing it to the address above.  

Drop-in sessions

Drop-in sessions were held at Totton, Fordingbridge and Lymington. View the display here:

For more information

See our supporting documents and emerging evidence base.



Updated: 21 Sep 2017
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