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Dog walkers' views wanted

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People who walk their dogs on the Solent coast are being asked to take part in an on-line survey

The survey is by the Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership, established a year ago by the area's local authorities, including New Forest District Council, and conservation bodies

The partnership aims to enable people to enjoy recreational activities at the coast without disturbing the thousands of birds which feed and roost there.

Research has shown that dog walking is the largest single recreational activity along the Solent shores, accounting for 41 per cent of all visits. This new survey will find out what attracts dog walkers to the coast and what they look for in the places they choose to walk their dogs, so that their needs and views can be taken into account.

The Partnership wants to hear from everyone who dog walks on the Solent coast - between Hurst Castle near Lymington and West Wittering, including Chichester, Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours and on the Isle of Wight coast between Colwell (near Freshwater) and  Bembridge.

The questionnaire can be completed at

Updated: 10 May 2016
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