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Purchasing a Grave or a Cremated Remains Burial Plot - Exclusive Right of Burial

Purchasing the Exclusive Right of Burial to a burial plot

On purchasing a Right of Burial you become the Holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial (EROB) to a cremated remains plot or grave space within your chosen New Forest District Council administered cemetery. It is important to note you are not the owner of the land as this remains in the ownership of the New Forest District Council.

Blackfield Cemetery graves and cremated remains plots can no longer be prepurchased  due to limited remaining space availability; those graves and plots which are currently available are for immediate use only. For alternative grave and cremated remains plot prepurchase arrangements, you may wish to select from one of New Forest District Council's other Cemeteries.

When purchased, you will be issued with a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial; this must be kept in a safe place as it will be required to be produced as proof of ownership with all prospective burials and memorial applications. All Exclusive Right of Burial Deed of Grants are currently issued for a period of 30 years and may be renewed at the end of this period.

Provided that you do not Transfer / Assign the Exclusive Rights to another person, and the period stated on the Deed of Grant has not expired, all Holders have the Right to be buried and bury others within the purchased plot, depending upon space availability.

The Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial does not specify the number of burials that can be accommodated within the burial plot; this will be dependent upon the depth of the first interment, the size of coffin / caskets interred in the burial plot and the ground conditions at the time of excavation. We are pleased to advise on utilisation within a burial plot and endeavour to accommodate your requests, but at time of burial alternative arrangements may be required.

The Deeds will remain with the Holder(s) until such a time of the death of the last surviving Holder; the Exclusive Rights will then need to be Transferred to the entitled claimant. Please refer to the Transfer or Assignment of Exclusive Right of Burial page for further information.

If you wish to pre-purchase a grave or cremated remains burial plot, more information can be found on the Purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial page. The New Forest District Council may be able to buy back unwanted, unused burial plots and issue applicants with a refund for the remaining years of ownership.  Please visit the Surrender a burial plot with an Exclusive Right of Burial section for more information.

If you have any enquiries with purchasing a grave or cremated remains burial plot, please contact the Cemeteries Office for further information. Or alternatively call 02380 285952 or Fax 02380 285755.

Updated: 22 Oct 2019
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