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Bransgore Barry makes big moo-ney for charity

23 March 2016

Bransgore Barry A one year old pedigree Hereford bull calf named in honour of New Forest District Council Leader Councillor Barry Rickman, has been sold at auction for £680. All proceeds from the sale are going to charities chosen by New Forest District Council Chairman Councillor Alison Hoare. 'Bransgore Barry', who shares his birthday of 18 March with the respected local politician, fetched the impressive figure at auction in Salisbury on 22 March.

Councillor Hoare said "Barry has done us proud. We're so grateful to his owner Richard Frampton for donating the proceeds from the sale and to his new owner for bidding so high. I know that this money will make a real difference to my nominated charities Oakhaven Hospice and the Firefly orphanage in Kathmandu. And I'm pleased that young Barry will go on to have a lovely life as a breeding bull."

Bransgore Barry's owner, New Forest farmer Richard Frampton, who is also district councillor for Bransgore, said: "This is the most any of my one year old bull calves has ever sold for. I think the local farmers must have dug deep into their pockets when they were told all the money was going to charity."

Councillor Barry Rickman congratulated his bovine namesake: "Well done Bransgore Barry, from the two-legged Barry".

Updated: 5 May 2016
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