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Executive Heads and Service Managers

The Executive Heads have a clearly defined role to play in the overall management of the Council's activities.  Each Executive Head has a team of service managers who have an operational responsibility in  particular areas of the Council.


Colin Read Executive Head of Operations  Colin Read - Executive Head of Operations

 Responsible for six service managers

  • To be appointed  - Waste and Transport
  • Rob Lane - Street Scene
  • Joanne Bailey- Health and Leisure
  • Steve Jones - Open Spaces
  • Steve Cook - Coastal Public Facilities 
  • Joanne McClay  - Environmental and Regulation



Grainne O'Rourke 2016  Grainne O'Rourke - Executive Head of Governance and Regulation

 Responsible for seven service managers

  • Andrew Kinghorn - Legal
  • Rosemary Rutins - Democratic Services and Member Support
  • Louise Evans - Policy and Strategy
  • Richard Topliss - Housing Property and Performance 
  • Ryan Stevens -  Housing and Community
  • David Groom - Planning and Building Control
  • Andrew Smith - Estates and Valuation


Manjit Sandhu Exectuive Head of Resources  Manjit Sandhu - Executive Head of Resources

Responsible for four service managers

  • Heleana Aylett - Human Resources
  • Rebecca Drummond - Business Improvement and Customer Services
  • Rob Beere - ICT
  • Ritchie Thompson - Building Works
  • Alan Bethune  - Financial - Will report directly to the Chief Excutive 











Updated: 8 Jan 2018
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