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Service Manager - Democratic Services and Member Support

The Service Manager for Democratic Services and Member Support is Rosemary Rutins.

The Service provides a comprehensive support and advice service to members, officers and the public on the democratic functions of the Council.   The Service is also responsible for the Council's community safety functions.  

Duties and responsibilities attached to the democratic process include -

  • Servicing all meetings of elected district councillors and some officer meetings.  These include the full Council, Cabinet, Overview & Scrutiny Panels, and Committees such as Planning Committee and the General Purposes & Licensing Committee.   Licensing hearings, required when there are unresolved objections to applicants, are also arranged and serviced;

  • Maintaining records of elected district councillors and other statutory lists emanating from the democratic process, such as the delegation of powers to officers;

  • Maintaining the statutory Registers of Interests for district councillors and all town & parish councillors;

  • Support to members generally and to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council in their civic duties;

  • Preparing the register of electors annually, which includes conducting a door-to-door canvass of all residential properties each year, and maintaining the accuracy of the register during the year;

  • Running all elections within the District (scheduled and by-elections) - Parliamentary, Police & Crime Commissioner, County, District and Parish, and any referenda.

With regard to community safety, members of the Team work in partnership with a number of other agencies such as the Police which, like the Council, have statutory responsibilities for reducing re-offending and crime and disorder in the District.   This includes co-ordinating the work of the Safer New Forest Partnership, and preparing, with input from other agencies, the Annual Safety Partnership Plan and the annual Strategic Assessment.  The Team also works with troubled families using grants made available by the Government.

Responsible for 14 full time equivalent members of staff.

Updated: 8 Jan 2018
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