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Funding is a critical part of any businesses success, whether that be a new start-up or an established organisation looking to grow. With the number of choices available though, often knowing which option is best for you is difficult. Here the process of seeking financial support is simplified and what opportunities are accessible to businesses in New Forest District made clear.

Begin your search for business financial support by visiting the '' page. Here a list of funds is available with each being labelled as to its sector, type of finance offered, and who the funding is accessible to.

Once a clearer idea has been ascertained as to which sources of finance are most suitable more detail on each can be found on the three funding pages, split by Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), grant, and loan funding.

Grant funding is usually the preferred finance for any business, providing the monetary boost to start or grow a business without the expectation of repayment. Details on the grants available can be found on the 'Grant Funding' page.

Loan funding can often be less competitive than grant funding and quicker to obtain, but greater financial risk is involved. Details on the where to find loans can be found on the 'Loan Funding' page.


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Updated: 2 Apr 2019
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