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New Forest Business Partnership

The New Forest Business Partnership fuels economic growth in the New Forest by advancing relations between local business and local government and improving business-to-business relationships.

The Partnership bring local businesses together. They invest in knowledge-sharing and educative events.

Through their Board, NFBP is an effective forum for local business people to express their views, share their knowledge and experience, network with potential clients and suppliers, and help make changes that will benefit their business and grow the New Forest economy.

NFBP run a wide ranging programme of events so local businesses can stay informed and competitive. All initiatives are run 'at cost' to members, which is a great member benefit. With your support and participation NFBP represent your needs and address the issues that affect the New Forest business community as a whole.

Membership starts from just £50 per year which can easily be recovered through the savings made in the NFBP events programme. For further details including the ability to join online visit



Updated: 7 Feb 2020
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