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Types of Disabled Adaptation Funding

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All the types of grants and loans are outlined below together with an indication of whether they are mandatory or discretionary:

  • Disabled Facilities Grant (Mandatory)
    As previously mentioned this is a grant available to help adapt your home to increase your independence and maintain your dignity (for example the installation of a stairlift, a level access shower in place of a bath, or a ramp to help you get in and out of your home). These are just examples, and there are other works that can be considered depending on your circumstances. The grant is means tested for adults (but not children), and the maximum grant is £30,000.

  • Disabled Facilities Top Up Grant (Discretionary)
    Whilst the maximum mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant is £30,000, the additional funding has allowed us to offer a discretionary 'top up' grant of up to £10,000 making the maximum grant funding £40,000.

  • Disabled Facilities Top Up Loan (Discretionary)
    Where the cost of the adaptation funded by the Disabled Facilities Grant is over £40,000, the additional funding has allowed us to offer a 'top up' loan of up to £10,000. This makes the total financial package for major adaptations to be up to £50,000.

  • Relocation Loan (Discretionary)
    In a small percentage of cases it is not possible to adapt your existing home, and if you need to move to new home which is more suitable for you, we may be able to help with a loan of up to £10,000 to facilitate this. Your existing home will need to be assessed by both your Occupational Therapist and our Grant Surveyor who will advise on the options available for you. Any new home must be checked out prior to committing to occupation by your Occupational Therapist and Grant Surveyor to ensure its suitability.

  • Client Contribution Loan (Discretionary)
    This loan is available in exceptional circumstances where a Disabled Facilities Grant applicant is assessed as needing to make a contribution to the grant, and this causes undue hardship. The maximum loan would be £10,000. Each case will be assessed individually and all income and outgoings will be taken into account to assess eligibility.

  • Minor Works Disabled Grant (Discretionary)
    This is a fast track grant of up to £1,000 to help with specific smaller items of work within a short timescale. It has three aims:

    • Helping you get home from hospital if you need minor works to enable you to be discharged.

    • Assisting with items of work to help adapt your home if you have a terminal prognosis.

    • Help with minor repairs to primarily to existing disabled adaptations (for example if your stairlift or automatic door opener has broken down and needs a replacement part).


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