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Email: Housing Grants

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If you would like to be considered for any of the grants or loans outlined above, the first step is to ring Social Services Direct on 0300 555 1378 to arrange for an Occupation Therapy assessment (which will normally take place in your home).

This assessment may also involve requesting supportive information from your Doctor or Specialist as well as discussing other options available to you.

If you are being considered for a means tested grant you will be asked to complete a provisional financial assessment form. This will enable us to give you an indication of whether you need to contribute to the cost of the works (it is important that you include ALL the requested information otherwise the figure we provide you with will not be accurate).

If the Occupational Therapist supports your request they will forward the information to the Housing Grants and Improvements Team at New Forest District Council for consideration for financial assistance


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Updated: 25 Feb 2019
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