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On receipt of the Occupational Therapist referral, one of the Grant Surveyors from the Housing Grants and Improvements Team will arrange to visit you at home to discuss how the grant or loan works can be practically implemented. During the visit they will talk you through the grant and loan process and answer any queries you may have. Your Grant Surveyor will be your dedicated contact for any queries and they will provide you with their contact details if you need to discuss any aspect of the project further at any stage.

Where the project is for a small scheme of works (for example a level access shower) the Grant Surveyor will produce a priced schedule of works and a layout drawing after discussion with you. The choice of contractor is up to you, but we can assist with this if you need our help. It is important to remember that our role is to facilitate the process by assisting with the funding, but the contract for the works will be between YOU and the Contractor. We will 'hold your hand' through the process and check the works on completion but the overall responsibility for the project will lie with you as the grant applicant.

For larger projects a minimum of three tenders will be needed, and this is normally organised by an external Surveyor on your behalf. You can choose your own Surveyor or we can assist with this if you need our help. The Surveyor will draw plans and organise the necessary permissions and invite three contractors to quote (and the grant/loan will be based on the lowest tender received). Reasonable Surveyor fees can be included as part of the Grant (up to 10% of the net cost of the works), but if for any reason the grant doesn't reach the formal approval stage you must remember that you will be responsible for payment of the Surveyor fees yourself.

In all cases there will be an application form to complete together with other documents to submit (for example details of your income and savings). You can complete this yourself or with the help of your family, but if you would like help our Caseworker can visit you at home to assist this can be arranged. There is a small fee for this service but this can be considered as part of the grant/loan.

Where you are eligible for a loan and wish to proceed we will make a referral to Parity Trust, and when the loan is agreed the works can commence and the funding will be released direct to the contractor (normally on completion of the works.)

Where the project is funded either wholly or partly with a loan, we will ask Parity Trust to assist you with completing your application. Parity Trust will visit you at home to look at your finances and offer a loan which is affordable for you taking into account your individual financial circumstances. Normally you will have to make regular repayments to pay back the amount loaned


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