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CIL Process

The table below sets out the CIL process that is involved for charging and collecting CIL. Links to the forms mentioned below can be found below the table.

CIL Process

A summary of the information / forms required by the Council (with links) are summarised below:

Table 2 CIL Forms required


Reasons required

Planning application and permitted development

CIL additional information form

To assist the Council in calculating the chargeable amount so you are not overcharged

To make sure your planning application can be considered, this form must be completed and submitted when applying

Notice of Chargeable Development

To notify the Council of a chargeable development that does not require a planning application (i.e. permitted development)

Post application

Assumption of liability

Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability

Transfer of Assumed Liability


  • To ensure that you can qualify for deferred payment, or for parties with CIL liabilities over £100,000, payment by instalment
  • To avoid surcharges
  • It is a prerequisite for the granting of an exemption for self-builders and social housing relief
  • If the party who has been granted social housing relief withdraws this notice or transfers liability to another party the relief that has been granted might be cancelled


Commencement notice

Failure to follow the information on the notice (including commencing before the commencement date stated on the notice) or failure to submit one before commencement will cancel any relief/exemption claims and result in surcharges becoming due.

Relief/exemption application forms

adobe icon Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 1 [283kb] 

adobe icon Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 2 [283kb] 

adobe icon Self Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Form [291kb] 

To apply for the following exemptions/relief:

  • exemption for residential extensions
  • exemption for residential annexes
  • exemption for self builders
  • social housing relief
  • exemption for charities


If you change your planning permission

Further Exemption Claim

To re-claim an exemption for a self-build dwelling, a residential annex or a residential extension when the development originally granted an exemption from CIL has, or is intended to be, altered in a way which changes the extent of the exemption previously granted.


Updated: 30 Sep 2019
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