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Traffic Management Programme



1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019

Programmed Schemes




Project / Task

Review all TM Projects implemented in 15/16 and 16/17Review all TM Projects implemented in 15/16 and 16/17NFDC Best PracticeLevel of review will be dependent on scale of project.  

New Milton

Caird Avenue

Request for no waiting at any time restrictions to be introduced to remove the remaining on street parking.Following a road traffic accident near this location HCC introduced an improved crossing point (bollards and tactile paving). The crossing point is at the edge of a no waiting at any time restriction. Therefore vehicles parking in the unrestricted part of the road may obstruct pedestrian / driver visibility.

Review restrictions at this location.



Hammonds Lane

No waiting at any time restriction present, HCC subsequently introduced reinforced verge parking which contradicts the restrictionConsider amending restriction - current yellows protect visibility at the NHS Dentist entrance. Consequently amend the order to exempt the no waiting from the hard standing.

Legal issues need to be




Testwood Lane

Request for further restrictions due to congestion in the area.Officer investigation concluded that it may be appropriate to protect all the junctions along the school and local access traffic route.

Junction Protection Markings along Testwood

Lane route.



Rumbridge Street

Consider extending restrictions close to the junction of

Rumbridge Street with the A35 Totton-by- pass

The current restrictions do not appear logical, ending prior to the car park access.

Review restrictions at this location.


Netley Marsh

Salisbury Road             

Request for a HGV restriction in the lay by

- already signed not suitable     

Formalising the restriction is logical and supported by HCC       

Move sign forward and add a no lorry turning space.        


Hythe &                        


Beaulieu Road

Request for 'no waiting at any time'.

Petition signed by 350 has been received.

Review waiting restrictions along whole road including junctions with Whinfield Road in view of new development.

Particular concerns about egress from Coppice Gate. Double yellow lines on the southern side of road between Whinefield Road and A 326 roundabout.

The junction with Whinfield Rd is currently protected by a single yellow line between 9am and 6pm.

There is merit in upgrading this restriction to 'at any time' in line with the guidance provided by the Highway Code to not park within 10 metres of a junction. Restrictions along Beaulieu Road should be reviewed.


Exbury &


Lepe Road

Parking Manager has reported that parking on single yellow lines on seafront close to HCC car park entrance has not been enforceable due to inadequate signing.

The possibility of providing controlled parking zone signs at each end of current restriction to avoid repeater signs has been looked at, but there is a problem locating signs at western end.

Alternatively you could consider 'no waiting at any time' however this would not allow for any evening parking when car park is closed. HCC / NPA are considering changing the parking layout and possible changes to opening hours.

Review existing restrictions.

A zone scheme would provide environmental benefits by removing signage along the coastal road.

Consider changes in line with any changed car park hours and relocate western limit to allow clear zone signing, which would also have some areas of double yellow lines within the single yellow zone


New Milton

Crossmead Avenue & Wessex Avenue

A petition signed by 22 residents has been received, requesting waiting restrictions to prevent on street parking.The installation of bollards at the crossing point to provide a safety enhancement.

Arrange instalment of the bollards and review waiting restrictions at the Wessex avenue junction.


New Milton

Hale Avenue

/ Hale Gardens /

Milton Grove/ South


Request for no waiting at any time restrictions to protect this crossroads junction.

These are residential roads close to the town centre with a through route for locals with the correct knowledge.

Officer review has concluded merit to extend scope to include junction protection at this junction and at Junction of Copse Ave / Hale Ave. And extending junction restriction in Copse Ave at its junction with Ashley Rd.

Consider appropriate Junction Protection Markings along route.



Butlers Lane

/ Holm Close

Request from RTC

• Extend the double yellow line along the  north side of Butlers Lane from its junction with Gorley Road

• Extend double yellow lines at the junction of Butlers Ln and Holm Cl to assist delivery access         

The existing restrictions at this location became operational 18/3/16, following local concerns about access, both for residents and deliveries. They are concentrated at the southern end, aimed really at lorry access to the shopping precinct.    

Advertising restrictions for Butlers Lane would assist a reduction of verge erosion.

Review the delivery activity to the shops and consider the request for further restrictions in Holm Close.



The Furlong

Issues noted by the Parking CEOs with vehicles loading and unloading.

Officer review has concluded that request has merit.

Supported by Council's Parking Team and HCC.

Liaise with Parking Office re location for introduction of a new loading bay.



Beaulieu Village

A request has been received for time controls to be introduced into the High St to accommodate short term / shopping parkingConflicting use of existing parking / shop keepers, visitors parking difficult to resolve.

Recommend for Tm programme as part of a package of measures to progress waiting restrictions along with additional car parking provided by the Parish Council. A pre-app for car park has since been submitted to the NPA. Feedback awaited.

On Hold


Southampton Road / Winsor Road Junction

Extensions to double yellow linesConflicting use of existing parking / shop keepers, visitors parking difficult to resolve.

Consider appropriate measures to deal with the issues.



Yerville Gardens


Waiting restrictionsParking at junction of Yerville Gardens causing safety concern

Implementation of double yellow lines at junction


New Milton

Cedar Gardens

Waiting restrictions

TRO subject to re - assessment during an event.

GB to provide dates of events at this location and officers to revisit the site when an event is in place.

Consider double yellow lines at junction with Cedar Gardens and along the service road.


Holbury, Fawley

Whitefield Road

Safety extensions to school zigzags outside Cadland Primary School.Request from HCC scholl Travel Planning Team. A new marking and TRO will be required.

Implement of new school entrance marking.



Bickerley Road area

Review waiting restrictions on Bickerley Gardens, to include, restrictions at/near junction with Bickerley Gardens, Consider combining the existing residents parking schemes into one order, and amendment to loading bay in Duck Islaad Road.Extensions waiting restrictions in Bickerley Road required. The combination of the residents p0arking schemes into one TRO would be beneficial for administration purposes. The position of a loading bay in Duck Island Lane is restricting

Review waiting restrictions on Bickerley Gardens to include Double yellow lines at junction with Bickerley Gardens, consider combining the existing residents parking schemes into one order, and, make amendments to the loading bay in Duck Island Road.


Duck Island Lane loading bay - In Progress


Hordle Lane

Development site - chargeable          Extension of 'no waiting at any time' restriction at new access

Rechargeable scheme to extend waiting restrictions.



The Rise

Waiting restrictions at Watersplash Hotel-


TRO amendment required to accommodate a relocated

vehicle crossover

Rechargeable scheme required if hotel amends entrance.


Milford on

Sea, Keyhaven Road

Waiting restrictions -


TRO requested at farm


Rechargeable scheme only to be provided if on -site improvements cannot be undertaken and subject to further discussion with the Parish Council).


New Milton,

Gore Road Industrial Estate

Waiting restrictions - chargeable'Screw Fix' have reported difficulties with access to their new unit at this location.

Rechargeable scheme, very limited restrictions only if essential and await further instructions.


Hythe and Dibden,

Atheling Road and



Commuter parking issues and parking by post office employees.

No waiting 11- 11.30am Mon-Sat.

Extension to length of restriction at junction is required to prevent obstruction. Additional passing places or extension to length of existing passing places s may also be beneficial.

Additional waiting restrictions.

In Progress

Hythe and


Hythe Village Centre Cycling

Enforcement issues with the Prohibition of Cycling. Amend TRO to remove the except for access.Review existing TRO and make amendments to signage to ensure enforceable.

Review TRO and install signage.



Stopples Lane

Parking baysFor informal disabled parking bays.

Arrange two informal disabled bays



Minor Lines & Signing / Speed Reduction Schemes#


LocationRequestCommentProject / Tasks


New Street         

Request for double yellow lines in front of the new pumping station and the new cycle route.          The area in front of the pumping station and the shared pedestrian / cycle route needs to be kept clear. New pumping station is adjacent to the new shared footway / cycle way        

APM to include the access to the cycle route. Advise builder to self-help 'keep clear' signs.                                     




Kingsburys Lane  

A number of residents of Kingsbury lane converted their front gardens to park their vehicles, thus causing an access issue re the limited wait parking bay for permit holders outside their properties.The parking bay at this location is adjacent to a narrow footway which is flush with the carriageway, i.e. no dropped kerbs.

Review bay markings and  introduce access protection markings (APMs)

Update Parking Office with which properties have created off road parking.



Calmore Gardens

Obstruction to residents driveways. Waiting restrictions requested.Access protection markings to be offered to residents.     

Access protection markings to be offered to residents.   



Gosport Lane and Chapel Lane

Two permanent Vehicular Activated Signs (VAS's) requested - parish to financePermanent VAS's are not supported. SLR/SDR could be deployed on temporary basis.

- Deployment of SLR/SDR deployment



Bickerley Road

Request for double yellow lines at Kinder Cottage to prevent obstruction and improve sight lines.Access protection marking to be offered to resident.

-Offer Access protection marking to resident.

In Progress   


Pilley Street

Concern about traffic speeds - pedestrian refuge island requested.

Request for pedestrian refuge referred to HCC.

Consider deployment of SLR.

Consider deployment of SLR



Greenmead Avenue

Waiting restrictions to prevent obstruction to residents driveways and the recreation area.The implementation of access protection markings would be more suitable than waiting restrictions.

Offer access protection marking to residents and across the access to the recreation.


New Milton

Avenue Road

Limited waiting bay amendments due to obstruction to residential drivewaysAccess protection markings to be offered to residents.

Offer Access protection marking to residents.












Updated: 11 Mar 2019
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