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Cllr Melville Kendal elected as Chairman

On Monday (14 May) we held our Annual Council meeting and elected the Chairman for the coming year, Cllr Melville Kendal, who represents the Milford Ward on the District Council.

The yearly meeting sees the change-over of the Chairman of the Council, a role usually succeeded by the incumbent Vice-Chairman.    

In addition to chairing meetings of the Council held at Appletree Court, the position of Chairman is an important ceremonial one, representing the District at a wide range of civic engagements and local events.

Cllr Ward received a past Chairman's badge and an album of photographs of events she attended during her year in office.  She was thanked for the admirable way she carried out her duties by Council Leader, Cllr Barry Rickman, "I would like to propose a motion of thanks to our out-going Chairman.

"Christine, I wish to thank you on behalf of the Members and indeed the staff at NFDC for such an excellent year.  I mention the staff because you were once one of them and that makes this a unique year.

"Your year has been such a celebration of less promoted aspects of our district, focusing on public services, volunteers, youth, music and arts, and also the subject of mental health.

"You have made many people feel special by your kind, calm and patient approach." 

Cllr Ward commented on her year as Chairman by responding to her fellow councillors' words of thanks, "What an incredible year representing the council. Thank you for allowing me the honour.

"During my year I've learnt about many organisations, which has been a privilege and an education."

Cllr Ward then talked about the young people she had met as part of her year of office and commented how they have greatly impressed her with their dedication and volunteering to help others.

The out-going Chairman praised local businesses, remarked how the veterans' lunch was one of her highlights of her year, along with the volunteers' reception she held, giving those who give up their time freely much-deserved recognition.

Cllr Ward finished by thanking her husband Derek, "he has been at my side, and has been brilliant."

On his appointment as Chairman, Councillor Kendal said, "It is really a great honour to represent you as your Chairman.  It is humbling and awe-inspiring.

Cllr Kendal has been an NFDC Member since 1995 and previously served as Leader of the Council (November 2002 - October 2008).  He has held various Portfolio Holder positions at the District Council and has also served on numerous committees and panels, including Crime and Disorder, Leisure, and Housing.    Cllr Kendal is also a Hampshire County Councillor where he is the Executive Member for Economic Development. 

Cllr Kendal has chosen Oakhaven in Totton as his charity for the year. Oakhaven, based in Lymington, have agreed with an NHS request to expand their outreach support to cancer sufferers and survivors, and their families, to the Totton area. Cllr Kendal's fundraising aims to support that work.

To start his fundraising Cllr Kendal held a charity reception, for fellow councillors, guests and the trustees of Oakhaven, following the annual council meeting.

The Vice-Chairman for 2018/19 is Councillor Allan Glass from Fawley, "Thank you for voting for me as vice-chairman.  I will work as hard as I can to represent this council to the best of my ability."

Published: 15 May 2018
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