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Council CCTV operators track serial offenders

CCTV monitoring room at NFDC At 6am on Sunday 30 September, following reports of several burglaries and incidents of criminal damage in Lymington High Street, two of our CCTV operators successfully used the system of cameras to track the offenders responsible. The police were quickly on the scene and, directed by Lisa and Mel, located the suspects, but they evaded capture. Mel and Lisa persisted in checking on the network of cameras and found them hiding on a roof. Thanks to the tenacity of the CCTV operators, the police were able to make three arrests for offences including burglary and criminal damage. 

James Knight, NFDC's Civil Contingencies and CCTV Manager said: "The police sergeant called to thank the CCTV team afterwards.  This is a great example of working in partnership with the emergency services to achieve another positive result. It also reflects the impact of the council's CCTV system on maintaining the security of the district. While most of us would be asleep at 6am on a Sunday morning, our CCTV operators are helping to keep the area safe, as they do 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year."


Published: 7 Nov 2018
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