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Submission Local Plan and companion documents


Submission documents (SD)
SD01Local Plan 2016-2036 Part One: Planning Strategy Submission Document
SD01aLocal Plan 2016-2036 Part One: Planning Strategy Submission Document (Version with Saved Policies Text Removed)
SD02Policies Map
SD03Sustainability Appraisal
SD03aSustainability Appraisal June 2018
SD03aaSA Annex 1 Flood Risk Statement on Sequential and Exceptions Test Feb 2019
SD03abSA Annex 1 Flood Risk Metric Analysis of SA Sites Feb 2019
SD03bSustainability Appraisal Appendices June 2018
SD03cIndex Maps
SD03dLand Appraisals
SD03d i SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Bransgore and Sopley
SD03d ii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Breamore
SD03d iii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Downlands (Martin, Damerham, Rockbourne, Whitsbury)
SD03d iv SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley
SD03d v SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Fawley, Blackfield and Holbury
SD03d vi SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Fordingbridge F001-F035
SD03d vii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Fordingbridge F036-F068
SD03d viii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Hinton
SD03d ix SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Hordle and Everton HE001-HE035
SD03d x SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Hordle and Everton HE036-HE068
SD03d xi SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Lymington and Pennington
SD03d xii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Marchwood
SD03d xiii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Milford on Sea MS001-MS026
SD03d xiv SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Milford on Sea MS027-MS050
SD03d xv SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_New Milton NM001-NM028
SD03d xvi SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_New Milton NM029-NM057
SD03d xvii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Ringwood
SD03d xviii SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Sandleheath
SD03d xix SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Totton and Eling
SD03d xx SADistrict-wide Land Appraisal_Hythe and Dibden
SD03eInteractive Mapping Tool for SA Site Appraisals
SD03fOverall SA Conclusions for SA Site Appraisals
SD03gSA Scoping Report (Updated June 2018)
SD04Habitats Regulations Assessment of New Forest District Local Plan (outside the National Park) Part 1 June 2018
SD05Infrastructure Delivery Plan Submission Version June 2018
SD06Cabinet Council Paper 6th June 2018
SD07Local Development Scheme October 2018
SD08Statement of Community Involvement June 2018
SD09Regulation 22 Consultation Statement
SD10All Representations received on Regulation 19 period of representations in representee order
SD11All Representations received on Regulation 19 period of representations in plan order
SD12All Representees wishing to appear at Examination in public
SD13Schedule of Errata
SD14Submission letter
SD15Topic Paper: Planning Context
SD16Topic Paper: Housing Mix
SD17Topic Paper: Green Belt
SD18Topic Paper: Duty to Co-operate Statement
SD19Duty to Co-operate letter from NFDC Chief Executive 27 November 2017 and replies
SD20Legal Compliance Checklist
SD21Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist
SD22NFDC Settlement Hierarchy Technical Note


Examination documents (EXAM)
EXAM01Inspectors' letter to Council - initial queries 21 Jan 2019
EXAM01ANFDC Letter to PINS re Saved Policies
EXAM01BInspectors' letter to Council - re saved policies 29 Jan 2019
EXAM01CNFDC Response to Inspectors' Initial Queries of 21 January 2019 re Housing Trajectory
EXAM01DStrategic Site Allocation Profiles Totton and Waterside
EXAM01EStrategic Site Allocation Profiles South Coastal Towns and Villages
EXAM01FStrategic Site Allocation Profiles Avon Valley and Downlands
EXAM01GNFDC Response to Inspectors re Omission Sites
EXAM02AProgramme for Hearings v8
EXAM02BMatters, Issues and Questions
EXAM02CGuidance Notes
EXAM03Minerals Consultation Areas - Inspectors' note and Questions
EXAM04Note regarding the upload of the final versions of NC01 and TI02
EXAM05ADandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment (March 2019)
EXAM05BDandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment Addendum
EXAM05CDandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment Appendices 1.1, 5.1, 5.2
EXAM05DDandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment Appendix 6.1 Parcels 1-32
EXAM05EDandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment Appendix 6.1 Parcels 33-63
EXAM05FDandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment Appendix 6.1 Parcels 64-96
EXAM05GDandara - Welwyn Hatfield LUC Green Belt Assessment Figures
EXAM06New Milton Neighbourhood Plan Publication Version (May 2019)
EXAM07APUSH Green Infrastructure Strategy 2017-2034 (adopted March 2017, updated July 2018)
EXAM07B Report the the PUSH Joint Committee (June 2019) - Green Infrastructure Implementation Plan
EXAM07CPUSH South Hampshire Green Infrastructure Implementation Plan (June 2019)
EXAM08PUSH Joint Committee Strategic planning for South Hampshire
EXAM09NFDC - Matter 9 - Note on status of Little Testwood Farm
EXAM10adobe icon EXAM10 Lymington and Pennington Town Council - Letter re Didgemere Nurseries Site [487kb]
EXAM11NFDC Note on Annual Completion Rates on Sites of 100 or more Dwellings in the last 10 years
EXAM12NFDC - Whole Plan Viability Study Addendum - Site Modelling (June 2019)
EXAM12ALand budget for submission all sites (June 2019)
EXAM12Badobe icon EXAM12B PALLS - Response to NFDC Land Budget EXAM12A [225kb]
EXAM12Cadobe icon EXAM12C Turley for Pennyfarthing Homes - Response to EXAM12 [505kb]
EXAM13ANote on Terence O'Rourke's North Lymington Green Belt Review (LUC 2018)
EXAM13BNote on Terence O'Rourke's South Ringwood Green Belt Review (LUC 2018)
EXAM13CNote on PALLS Green Belt Comparative Assessment (LUC 2019)
EXAM13Dadobe icon EXAM13D PALLS response to EXAM13C [52kb]
EXAM14PALLS - Woodside Appeal Decision 1996
EXAM15New Forest Study January 2019 Update - Visitor Surveys
EXAM16Monitoring of Impact of Recreational Mitigation Projects - Early Results (June 2019)
EXAM16AMitigation Project Progress
EXAM17LUC responses to HRA-related Matters Statements
EXAM18ABarton Willmore for Taylor Wimpey - SS14 Pre-App Letter Ringwood
EXAM18BBarton Willmore for Taylor Wimpey - SS14 EIA Scoping Report
EXAM19RSPB Comments on Fawley Power Station Outline Application
EXAM20Procedure Guide for Local Plan Examinations - June 2019
EXAM21AJackson Planning - HRA for Poole Local Plan Pre-Submission Draft
EXAM21BJackson Planning - HRA for Purbeck Local Plan Submission Draft
EXAM21CJackson Planning - Trends in Nightjar, Woodlark and Dartford Warbler on the Dorset Heaths 1991-2013
EXAM22Action Points Information in relation to Matter 4
EXAM22Aadobe icon EXAM 22A Further note on working age population [161kb]
EXAM22BRPS for Pennyfarthing Homes - Response to EXAM22 and 22A
EXAM22CTurley for Barker Mill and Richborough Estates - Response to EXAM22 and 22A
EXAM23APolicies 23-24 NFDC submitted and further proposed Mods
EXAM23BPolicies 23-24 ABP HCC proposed Mods
EXAM23CPolicies 23-24 SGL proposed Mods
EXAM24PUSH Employment Report 2016
EXAM25Luken Beck for Bloor Homes - SS1 Site Capacity and Delivery
EXAM26adobe icon EXAM 26 SS15 Snails Lane DRAFT SoCG Submitted by Gladman Developments and NOT AGREED by the Council [862kb]
EXAM27David Phillips - NFDC Planning Officer 2015 Comments - Snails Lane Blashford
EXAM28Aadobe icon EXAM 28A Possible date of first housing completions note (July 2019) [157kb]
EXAM28Badobe icon EXAM 28B NFDC Housing Trajectory (July 2019) [277kb]
EXAM28CStrategic Site Promoters' Trajectory (July 2019)
EXAM28Dadobe icon EXAM 28D Housing Supply 2016-2036 Update Note (July 2019) [363kb]
EXAM29adobe icon EXAM 29 ABP - Matter 6 Employment Site Notice [636kb]
EXAM30adobe icon EXAM 30 NFDC - Main Modifications letter [20(7)c PCPA 2004] [198kb]
EXAM31adobe icon EXAM 31 Simon Woolley - Snails Lane Speaking Notes [293kb]
EXAM32adobe icon EXAM 32 NFDC - Matter 6 Action Point Response - A breakdown of employment completions and planning permissions by Use Class reference [182kb]
EXAM33adobe icon EXAM 33 Inspectors' Post Hearings Letter to Council [93kb]
EXAM34adobe icon EXAM 34 Council's Suggested Modifications and Hearings Action Points 24 July 2019 [663kb]
EXAM34Aadobe icon EXAM 34A Council's Suggested Modifications and Hearings Action Points 18 September 2019 [510kb]
EXAM35adobe icon EXAM 35 NFDC and HCC Minerals Suggested Modifications [72kb]
EXAM36adobe icon EXAM 36 Three Dragons Response to Inspectors questions on Viability [233kb]
EXAM37adobe icon EXAM 37 NFDC Matter 10 Policy 35 - 110L water efficiency standard [1Mb]
EXAM38Aadobe icon EXAM 38A Inspectors' letter to Council - Main Modifications October 2019 [103kb]
EXAM38Badobe icon EXAM 38B Outline of Main Modifications from Inspectors [69kb]


Housing documents (HOU)

Housing documents (HOU)
Submission documents
HOU01New Forest District and the New Forest National Park Authority Objectively Assessed Housing Need (JGC 2017)
HOU01aObjectively Assessed Housing Need Update (Justin Gardner Consulting, February 2019)
HOU02Demographic Projections (Justin Gardner Consulting, JGC 2017)
HOU03            Housing Affordability (JGC 2017)
HOU04New Forest Strategic Housing Market Assessment (GL Hearn 2014)
HOU05Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (including Housing Trajectory)
(NFDC 2018)
HOU05aSHLAA - Main Report (including Housing Trajectory)
HOU05bSHLAA Appendix 01 - Totton
HOU05cSHLAA Appendix 02 - Marchwood
HOU05dSHLAA Appendix 03 - Hythe
HOU05eSHLAA Appendix 04 - Blackfield, Holbury and Fawley
HOU05fSHLAA Appendix 05 - Lymington
HOU05gSHLAA Appendix 06 - Milford on Sea
HOU05hSHLAA Appendix 07 - Everton
HOU05iSHLAA Appendix 08 - Hordle
HOU05jSHLAA Appendix 09 - New Milton
HOU05kSHLAA Appendix 10 - Bransgore
HOU05lSHLAA Appendix 11 - Ringwood
HOU05mSHLAA Appendix 12 - Fordingbridge, Ashford and Sandleheath
HOU06Brownfield Land Register NFDC 2017
HOU06aBrownfield Land Register NFDC 2017
HOU07The Hampshire Consortium Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment (ORS 2017)
HOU09Partnership for Urban South Hampshire Objectively Assessed Housing Need Update GL Hearn 2016
Supplementary documents
HOU08Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2017

Economy (EC)

Economy (EC)
Submission documents
EC01          Business Needs and Commercial Property Market Assessment (Chilmark Consulting 2017)
EC04Economic Objectively Assessed Need Background Note (February 2019)
Supplementary documents
EC02PUSH Spatial Position Statement 2016
EC03Maritime futures Solent Waterfront Sites Solent LEP 2015

Viability (VIA)

Viability (VIA)
Submission documents
VIA01   Whole-Plan Economic Viability Assessment (Three Dragons 2018)
VIA02Fawley Waterside Viability Appraisal (NCS 2017)
VIA03Community Infrastructure Levy 123 List (NFDC 2014)

Transport and Infrastructure (TI)

Transport and Infrastructure (TI)
Submission documents
TI01       Strategic Transport Network Assessment 2016 - Waterside Area
TI02Strategic Transport Network Assessment 2016 - Western Area (23 May 2019)
TI03Strategic Transport Network Assessment - Update 2018
TI11Fordingbridge Sewer Network Solution 2019
Supplementary documents
TI04Freight Strategy (TfSH 2009)
TI05Hampshire Waterside Interim Transport Policy (HCC 2017)
TI06Local Transport Plan 3 (HCC)
TI07Bournemouth Water Water Resource Management Plans (draft 2018)
TI08Southern Water Water Resource Management Plans (2008)
TI09Wessex Water Water Resource Management Plans(draft 2018)
TI10South Inshore and South Offshore Marine Plan (July 2018)

Design and Landscape (DL)

Design and Landscape (DL)
Submission documents
DL01a         Landscape_Sensitivity_and_Capacity_Study_2016
DL02New Forest: Standards for Formal Open Space (Bennett Leisure and Planning 2017)
DL02aNew Forest: Standards for Formal Open Space (Bennett Leisure and Planning 2017) Report
DL02bNew Forest Standards for Formal Open Space Bennett Leisure and Planning 2017 Appendix
Supplementary documents
DL03aLandscape Character Assessment (July 2000) 
DL03bLandscape Character Assessment - MAP Character Areas_Types

Heritage (HE)

Heritage (HL)
Supplementary documents
HE01Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record (HCC)
HE02Conservation Area Appraisals (NFDC)

Green Belt (GB)

Green Belt (GB)
Submission documents
GB01                  New Forest District Green Belt Study (LUC 2016)
GB01bAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Around_Everton
GB01cAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Around_Hordle
GB01dAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Around_Lymington
GB01eAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Around_Milford_on_Sea
GB01fAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Around_New_Milton
GB01gAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Around_Ringwood
GB01hAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Avon_Valley_south_of_Ringwood_to_Christchurch
GB01iAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Between_Lymington_and_Everton_Hordle_and_Milford_on_S
GB01jAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_Between_New_Milton_and_Everton_Hordle_and_Milford_on_
GB01kAppendix A Land Parcels - Green_Belt_Study_Appendix_A_Parcel_Assessments_North_of_Highcliffe

Climate Change (Flood Risk SFRA) (CC)

Climate Change (Flood Risk SFRA) (CC)
Submission documents
CC01Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (JBA 2017)
CC01a      NFDC Combined SFRA - Level 1 and 2 (March 2018)
CC01bAppendix A - SFRA Level 1 - Mapping Grid Squares (A3 Map)
CC01cAppendix B - SFRA Level 1 - Watercourses (A3 Map)
CC01dAppendix C1 - SFRA Level 1 - Coastal Flood Zones (A1 map)
CC01jAppendix D1 - SFRA Level 1 - Coastal Climate Change (A1 map)
CC01adAppendix H - SFRA Level 1 - Historic Flood Records (A1 map)
CC01aeAppendix I - SFRA Level 1 - Flood Defence Type
CC01afPhase One - data review and method statement
CC01agPhase Two - mapping data summary sheets
CC01ahPhase Two - modelling and mapping summary
CC01aiPhase Three - site summary tables
CC01ajAppendix C - Flood Zones - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 1 to 10)
CC01akAppendix C - Flood Zones - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 11 to 20)
CC01alAppendix C - Flood Zones - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 21 to 30)
CC01amAppendix C - Flood Zones - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 31 to 40)
CC01anAppendix C - Flood Zones - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 41 to 49)
CC01aoAppendix D - Climate Change - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 1 to 10)
CC01apAppendix D - Climate Change - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 11 to 20)
CC01aqAppendix D - Climate Change - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 21 to 30)
CC01arAppendix D - Climate Change - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 31 to 40)
CC01asAppendix D - Climate Change - combined fluvial and coastal (sheets 41 to 49)

Nature Conservation (NC)

Nature Conservation (NC)
Submission documents
NC01             Air Quality Input for Habitats Regulations Assessment AQC 23 May 2019
NC02Ecological Consultancy Advice on Air Quality Risks BSG Ecology May 2018
NC03New Forest Air Quality Ecological Mitigation Plan EPR August 2018
NC04Biodiversity Desktop Study (Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre 2015)
NC04aArea Maps - Bransgore_and_Sopley
NC04bArea Maps - Christchurch
NC04cArea Maps - Coastal_Settlements
NC04dArea Maps - Downland_Villages
NC04eArea Maps - Fordingbridge__Sandleheath_and_Breamore
NC04fArea Maps - Ringwood
NC04gArea Maps - Verwood
NC04hWaterside Area North Maps - Waterside_Area_North
NC04uWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South
NC04vWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_1_Boundary
NC04wWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_2_SSSIs
NC04xWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_3_SINCs
NC04yWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_4_RVEIs
NC04zWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_5_Priority_Habitats
NC04aaWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_6_Priority_Habitats_and_Designated_Site
NC04abWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_7_Rights_of_Way_and_Designated_Sites
NC04acWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_8_Solent_Wader_and_Brent_Goose_Strategy
NC04adWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_9_Undesignated_Solent_Wader_and_Brent_G
NC04aeWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_10_Potential_Wildlife_Sites_of_Interest
NC04afWaterside Area South Maps - Waterside_Area_South_Map_11_Potential_Development_Sites
NC05Hampshire Ecological Network HBIC - REPORT 2016
NC06Hampshire Ecological Network - New Forest Map 2016
NC14Avon Phosphates MOU
NC15Avon Phosphate Mitigation Interim Delivery Plan 2019
Supplementary documents
NC07River Avon Nutrient Management Plan (David Tyldesley and Associates 2015)
NC08River Avon Nutrient Management Plan ANNEX 2 - Offsetting P Loading from Development
NC09Phosphorus in the Hampshire Avon Special Area of Conservation Technical Report ANNEX 4 Final 30 April 2015
NC10Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy (PUSH 2017)
NC11Solent Waders and Brent Goose Strategy (Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust 2017)
NC12Solent Waders and Brent Goose Strategy Year 1 update (Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust 2018)
NC13Partnership for Urban South Hampshire PUSH Integrated Water Management Study (Amec Foster Wheeler 2018)

Air Quality Human Health (AQH)

Air Quality Human Health
AQH01Air Quality Human Health Impacts Report AQC March 2018

Current Local Plan Documents (CLP)

Current Local Plan Documents (CLP)
Supplementary documents
CLP01Core Strategy 2009
CLP02Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development DPD April 2014
CLP03Mitigation Strategy For European Sites - Recreational Pressure from Residential Development June 2014 SPD
CLP04Ringwood Local Distinctiveness - 3 July 2013 SPD
CLP05Lymington Local Distinctiveness - 2 February 2011 SPD
CLP06New Milton Local Distinctiveness - 3 June 2010 SPD
CLP07Parking Standards - 3 October 2012 SPD
CLP08Inspectors Report Core Strategy September 2009
CLP09Inspectors Report Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development Management March 2014
CLP10Breamore Design Statement
CLP11Fordingbridge Design Statement
CLP12Hordle Design Statement
CLP13Milford Design Statement

Previous Consultations and reports (PC)

Previous Consultations and reports (PC)
Supplementary documents
PC01Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Part One: Planning Strategy Initial Proposals for Public Consultation - July 2016
PC02Regulation 18 Statement - June 2018
PC03Scope of Review 2014 Statement October 2014
PC04Scope of Local Plan Review for New Forest District (outside the National Park) - September 2014
PC05Environment overview and scrutiny panel and planning development Control committee - 6 September 2017
PC06Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Sept 2015
PC07Draft Sustainability Appraisal (2016)
PC07aDraft Sustainability Appraisal 2016 - Annex 1 Main Document - Interim Sites Assessment
PC07bDraft Sustainability Appraisal 2016 - Appendix 3 Critcial Criteria failures
PC07cDraft Sustainability Appraisal 2016 - Maps of Overall Scores
PC07dDraft Sustainability Appraisal 2016 - Appendix 5 Summary of Scores
PC07eDraft Sustainability Appraisal 2016 - Annex 2 - Green Belt options

Draft Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

Draft Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)
Supplementary documents
SPD01Strategic Sites Masterplanning Draft SPD 2018
SPD02A Guide to Developers' Contributions Draft SPD 2018
SPD03Mitigation for Recreational Impacts on European Sites Draft SPD 2018

Initial Statements of Common Ground (ISG)

Initial Statements of Common Ground (ISG)
ISG01                Initial Statement of Common Ground SS1 North of Totton East of Pauletts (Durrant)
ISG02Initial Statement of Common Ground SS1 North of Totton East of Pauletts (Reeves)
ISG03Initial Statement of Common Ground SS1 North of Totton East of Pauletts (Pass)
ISG04Initial Statement of Common Ground SS1 North of Totton West of Pauletts (Pennyfarthing Homes)
ISG05Initial Statement of Common Ground SS1 North of Totton North of Salisbury Road (Bloor Homes / Barker Mill)
ISG06Initial Statement of Common Ground SS2 West of Marchwood (Barker Mill)
ISG07Initial Statement of Common Ground SS3 North of Marchwood (Barker Mill)
ISG08Initial Statement of Common Ground SS5 South west of Lymington North of Milford Road (Colten Developments)
ISG09Initial Statement of Common Ground SS5 South west of Lymington South of Milford Road (Bargate Homes)
ISG10Initial Statement of Common Ground SS6 South of Lymington (Cicero Estates and Dudsbury Homes Ltd)
ISG11Initial Statement of Common Ground SS7 North of Milford on Sea Pennyfarthing
ISG12Initial Statement of Common Ground SS8 Central Hordle North and south of Hordle Lane (Harvington Properties)
ISG13Initial Statement of Common Ground SS8 Central Hordle Mr Keeping Land, Vicarage Land [Pennyfarthing]
ISG14Initial Statement of Common Ground SS9 North of Hordle (Richborough Estates)
ISG15Initial Statement of Common Ground SS10 North east of New Milton (Pennyfarthing)
ISG16Initial Statement of Common Ground SS11 South west of New Milton (Hurst Castle and Lock Investments)
ISG17Initial Statement of Common Ground SS12 West of Bransgore (Savills)
ISG18Initial Statement of Common Ground SS13 South of Ringwood (Wrightway Farming Partnership)
ISG19Initial Statement of Common Ground SS15 North of Ringwood (Gladmans)
ISG20Initial Statement of Common Ground SS17 North west of Fordingbridge (Pennyfarthing)
ISG21Initial Statement of Common Ground SS17 North west of Fordingbridge (Adam's Family Land)
ISG22Initial Statement of Common Ground SS18 North of Fordingbridge (Pennyfarthing)
ISG23Initial Statement of Common Ground SS18 North of Fordingbridge, Land around Middle Burgate House, A338 (Currie)

Statements of Common Ground (SCG)

Statements of Common Ground (SCG)
SCG01          NFNPA - NFDC Statement of Common Ground - May 2018 Final
SCG02Statement of Common Ground NFNPA Policy-SP25-Landscape-Nature-Conservation (Fawley SS4)
SCG03Statement of Common Ground NFNPA Policy-SP25-Flood risk (Fawley SS4)
SCG04Statement of Common Ground EA - NFDC Flood Risk (Whole Plan Area)
SCG05Recreational Mitigation SoCG with Natural England
SCG06River Avon SAC Phosphates Mitigation Statement of Common Ground
SCG07Developer SoCG SS1 Land North of Totton
SCG08Developer SoCG SS18 Land at Burgate, Fordingbridge


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