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What is a Decent Home ?

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We undertake Planned Maintenance works to:

  • Maintain Council homes
  • Ensure services such as electrical and heating systems are in a safe condition, and
  • Ensure that all homes meet the standard laid down by the Government - the Decent Homes Standard

For a home to meet the Decent Homes Standard, it must:-

  • Contain no serious hazards under this Housing Health and Safety rating System
  • Should be in a reasonable state of repair
  • Have reasonably modern facilities and services
  • Provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort

A home will fail the requirement for reasonable modern facilities and services if it lacks three or more of the following aspects:

  • A reasonably modern kitchen (20 years old or less)
  • A kitchen with adequate space and layout
  • A reasonable modern bathroom (30 years old or less)
  • An appropriately located bathroom and toilet
  • Adequate insulation against external noise (where external noise is a problem).
  • Adequate size and layout of common areas for blocks of flats.


Updated: 15 Mar 2019
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