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Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Arrangements - When the death certificate has been issued by the Registrar, you will also be given a certificate authorising the funeral.

The choice of a firm of funeral directors is important as you should feel comfortable and confident with them. They may be known to you personally, may be recommended by a friend, your GP or religious adviser or may just have a good reputation in your area.

Please use these links, National Association of Funeral Directors, Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors and Yellow Pages Website to search for local funeral directors. All have a code of practice and should give you an estimate of costs - their own and those fees they will pay on your behalf and add to the account. You can ask for this estimate in advance and it's a good idea to ask different firms to quote so that you can compare costs.

Your funeral director can make all the arrangements for the funeral, burial or cremation, religious or secular service. The funeral director can also advise on all the procedures and documents needed to register the death.

If you are considering a headstone, most cemeteries will advise to wait for a period of approximately twelve months before placing it. However, we suggest you contact your preferred choice of monumental mason as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delay after this waiting period.   Most reputable stonemasons are aware of the local cemetery regulations regarding memorial headstones and therefore able to advise you, however should you wish to contact the cemetery office direct for details of the current regulations, information will be provided.

Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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