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A street collection involves collecting money or selling articles in any street or public place for the benefit of a charity.

If a collection is made in any of the following locations, a permit will be required, issued by this Licensing Authority:

  • Highway and public bridge, road, lane, footway, square, court, alley or passage.

          In addition, this covers

  • Any land owned by a town or parish council that the public have access to ie a village green, recreation area, or a community field.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that permission is obtained from the owner of the property where the collection is to take place, for example supermarkets, car parks and shopping centres, etc. This will need to be provided with the application.

There is no cost for the issuing of a permit but there are regulations that need to be complied with, including how money is collected.

The purpose of the legal requirement to obtain consent is to ensure collectors are properly authorised, that money is collected in a secure way and the total proceeds collected are properly accounted for.

Collection dates

To help avoid saturation of an area by an excessive number of collectors and also to prevent the public being inundated with numerous requests for donations by more than one organisation, we control the number of permits issued. This also helps to avoid clashes and disagreements between collectors for different organisations.

Therefore we will only issue one permit for particular area on a particular day, on a first come first serve basis for those collections proposed for streets, roads or town centres.

However if a number of charities wish to collect at the same event on the same day, these will be permitted, but applicants must obtain the permission of the event organiser first. This booking confirmation must accompany the application, but itcan be emailed to Licensing Services.


These must be submitted  at least 10 CLEAR WORKING DAYS before the date of the event to enable officers to process the application. Applications may be made online or by sending the application in by post or email. (If the application is to be carried out as part of an event, please submit your application by email). See documents and online link at top of page.

If you have a particular date in mind for your proposed collection please contact us to make sure the date is available but please be aware that dates get booked very quickly so we advise you to apply as far in advance as possible.

Unless there is a problem, we will process your application and the permit will be issued prior to your proposed collection date.

We may contact the police and other local authorities where street collections have taken place.

After the collection

Within one month following your collection you need to send us statement showing how much money has been raised and the amount used to cover any expenses.

This form must be certified by the promoter of the collection and either an accountant or an independent responsible person.

Even if no collection took place you must submit a 'nil' return.

Statements can be submitted online, by post or by email to the address below.

Public Register

There is no legal requirement to keep a register. However we do publish a list of the collections/fundraising events that we have approved.


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