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H2H Online application

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If you wish to collect money or property (for example clothes and bric-a-brac) for charity from houses, pubs or shops you need a permit from the council.

The permit must be carried on the person at all times during the collection.

No collection can take place until ID badges have been issued - these are available from The Stationery Office (TSO) on production of the council issued licence and must be worn at all times. Details for obtaining ID badges will be provided when the permit has been issued by Licensing Services.

Some large charitable organisations hold a National Exemption Order which exempts them from the requirement to apply to each authority individually. Licensing Services maintain a list of exempted organisations who have notified this authority of their intention to collect on a house to house basis. The exempted collections notified to this authority for this year can be found here: -

adobe icon H2H National Exemptions [79kb]

A register of House to House permits that Licensing Services have issued can be found on the Licensing Registers and Pending Applications web page.

Before applying please read the house to house conditions as above.  

You may apply for a permit online, using the link above, or you can download and complete the application form, at the top of this page and submit by hand/post.

There is no charge for a House to House collection permit although there is a small charge made by the TSO for the identity badges.

Due to the high number of requests for House to House collections made to this licensing authority, we are unable to grant more than one application per calendar year and for no more than one month. Those charities that hold an exemption certificate fall outside the restriction.

Applications should include a letter from the benefiting charity authorising you to collect on their behalf (if you are not an official of the charity).

You must submit your application at least 1 month prior to the date of the collection, though we suggest applying 3 months in advance to allow time to obtain identity badges from TSO following grant of the permit.

After the collection you must submit a form of account detailing the amount raised and any expenses deducted, this can also be submitted online.

Contact Details:

Licensing Services
New Forest District Council
Appletree Court
SO43 7PA

Tel No: 023 80285505



Updated: 20 May 2020
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