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House to House Collection

A permit is required to undertake a 'House to House' collection, under the House to House Collections Act 1939 and the 1947 House to House Collections Regulations.

Applicants are vetted and checked to ascertain whether the organisation applying is genuine or not.

Following a collection, the promoter of the collection must make a return to the Council or alternatively it can be made online on the Businesslink website.

Collections generally take place from door to door or from one public house to another. Some of the larger well-known charities such as Christian Aid, Help the Aged etc., have a Cabinet Office Exemption from having to apply for a permit, but by and large most of the smaller and particularly local groups and organisations need a permit before they can collect money (or articles which they intend to sell later), from door to door.

There is a statutory right of appeal against the refusal to grant a House to House Collection Permit.In this case, the right of appeal is to the Cabinet Office and the grounds for refusal are set out in the Act itself.

adobe icon Application forms [182kb] and adobe icon conditions [104kb] are available from the Council. Contact details as below:

Contact Details:

Licensing Services
New Forest District Council
Appletree Court
SO43 7PA

Tel No: 023 80285505


Alternatively you may apply online on the Businesslink website.

Updated: 13 Mar 2015
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