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Reporting a Repair

When a problem arises, tell us immediately

In office hours, you can use Repairs Online or contact Customer Services

When you report a repair, please give as much information as possible;

  • Give your name, address and phone number
  • The nature of the repair / describe the problem
  • How you can be contacted (so that we can make arrangements to carry out the work or undertake an inspection)

We will put your repair into one of the following groups/categories:

  • Category E - Emergency - within 3 hours
  • Category U - Urgent - within 5 working days
  • Category R - Routine - within 20 working days


Typical Repairs


  • Gas leaks - call National Gas Emergency Service - 0800 111 999 (24 hours) - also contact Customer Services (in office hours)
  • Total failure of Electricity
  • Burst pipes
  • Any major fault that may cause danger to health, life or safety of the building


  • Plumbing and drainage faults
  • Leaking roofs
  • Electrical faults to individual lights and sockets
  • Heating system faults


  • Brickwork and plastering
  • Doors and windows


If you require emergency assistance outside of normal office hours -

call our Emergency Service on: 023 8028 5250 or mobile no: 07771 259098

Updated: 15 Mar 2019
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