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Council Tax Reduction Scheme for Persons with a Disability

The council tax for a property that is the home of a disabled person may be reduced if it has a specified facility that is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person. The specified facilities are:

  • A room, which is not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory.  The use of the room must be clearly related to the persons disability; or
  • A second kitchen or second bathroom; or
  • Sufficient floor space to enable the disabled person to use their wheelchair around the home

A person will be classed as disabled if they are substantially and permanently disabled (whether by illness, injury or congenital deformity, or otherwise). Whether a person is regarded as disabled for council tax purposes will normally be established by a note from a doctor or some other suitably qualified person.  The disabled person must live in the property and can be an adult or child.

The term "required for meeting the needs of the disabled person" means that the facility must be essential or of major importance to his/her well being because of the nature of the disability and without it the person would find it difficult or impossible to live there.

Amount of the Reduction

All properties have been given a valuation band between A and H.  If you qualify for a reduction, we will treat your property as if it is in the valuation band immediately below the one shown in the valuation list.  For example, if your home is in band C, you will pay the band B rate of council tax.

Claiming the Reduction

The council taxpayer (the person named on the bill) has to complete an application form.  Generally, we will then arrange to visit the property to establish eligibility.

Updated: 22 Jun 2018
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