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Annual Budgets

Revenue and Capital Budgets

Annual Budgets As part of the terms of reference of the Accountancy Service, the statutory budgets are produced. These detailed budgets are summarised for publication as the Revenue and Capital Budgets.

This Revenue and Capital Budget Book is available in hard copy if required. The book is split into sections, each of which is accessible here. You can print and circulate any of the sections below subject to Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the linked documents contain budgeted and actual expenditure. The actual expenditure is included for comparative purposes only and the figures have been rounded to the nearest whole pound.

Whilst the rounding adjustments do not affect the accuracy of the data, they can result in minor discrepancies between the expenditure shown, the relevant subtotal analysis and any overall summary totals.

General Items 
adobe icon Local Council Precepts [17kb]N/A

adobe icon Revenue Summary [22kb]
adobe icon Asset Management Group [14kb]

adobe icon Capital Summary [22kb]
adobe icon Revenue - Finance and Efficiency [48kb]

adobe icon Capital - Finance, Corporate Services and Improvement [10kb]

adobe icon Revenue - Leader's [18kb] 
adobe icon Revenue - Planning and Transportation [51kb]

adobe icon Capital - Planning and Infrastructure [22kb]

adobe icon Revenue - Environment [66kb]adobe icon Capital - Environment and Regulatory Services [13kb]
adobe icon Revenue - Housing and Communities [49kb]adobe icon Capital - Housing Services [13kb]
adobe icon Revenue - Housing Revenue Account [44kb]N/A
adobe icon Revenue - Health and Leisure [69kb]adobe icon Capital - Leisure and Well Being [9kb]
adobe icon Revenue - General Purposes and Licensing [43kb]N/A
adobe icon Revenue - Planning Development Control [13kb]N/A

Any enquiries relating to these documents should be addressed to the relevant individual shown on the Contacts - Accountancy Service page.

Updated: 18 Apr 2018
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