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Food Hygiene Law

The two main pieces of legislation relating to food businesses in England are as follows:

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The general hygiene requirements for all food business operators are laid down in Regulation 852/2004, although further legislation, in particular Regulation (EC) 853/2004 supplements these regulations.

All food businesses are required to be registered with the competent authority; within the New Forest this is normally New Forest District Council. Food business operators (except farmers and growers) are also required to put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure, or procedures, based on HACCP principles. The legislation is structured to ensure that the appropriate level of public health protection is in place without placing unnecessary burdens on businesses. Food businesses can apply the legislation flexibly and proportionately according to the nature of the business.

If you are confused by what is required of you as a food business operator, we would advise you to contact us to discuss your query.

Updated: 30 Apr 2018
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