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For most of us our home is our biggest asset and as such it is important that it is well maintained and kept in good repair.  If your home is not in good repair it may be unsafe to yourself and visitors and will deteriorate in value. Simple repairs and actions costing only a few pounds may over a period of time save you many thousands of pounds.

Our advice on this website is to help you deal with some of the more common problems and point you in the direction of expert help where necessary.

For more detailed information on common issues to effect home owners, you may wish to look at the following:

                   adobe icon Employing a Builder [71kb]
                   adobe icon Damp and mould growth [29kb]
                   adobe icon Home Security [45kb]
                   adobe icon Energy Efficiency [30kb]
                   adobe icon Home Safety [42kb]
                   adobe icon Carbon Monoxide [14kb]

Home Repair Loans

NFDC currently offer an interest free loan for home owners on a low income. The loan is repaid when the property is sold or transfers ownership. The loan is only available for works required to ensure the home is safe according to the NFDC loan criteria and not for general maintenance. Please contact Housing Grants and Improvements, using the details at the top of the page,  for information and to see if you qualify.

Adaptations for disabled people.

If you are disabled or have a disabled child living in the New Forest area and you are experiencing difficulties in your home, then grant aid may be available to assist you to make your home more suitable for your needs.

Updated: 18 Jul 2016
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