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Speed Limit Reminder Signs - Briefing Note

New Forest Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership


To use SLRs in support of public education, casualty reduction, public reassurance and to reduce anti social speeding at specific locations where there is evidence of drivers disregarding existing posted speed limits.


It is a portable temporary sign that incorporates a speed limit "roundel" that is displayed when approaching vehicles exceed the speed limit. NFDC has four battery operated SLR signs that can be used in either 20mph, 30 mph or 40 mph speed limits. SLRs do not record vehicle speeds or vehicle details.

SLR Sign


There are normally deployed at locations where a Speed Indicator Device (SID), see Notes 1 & 2 below, has been deployed and the recorded speeds are above the Police enforcement threshold. Requests for new SID deployments should be sent to the Police Safer Roads Officer for South West Area, please see Note 3 below.

Our SLRs can only be used on roads having a 20, 30 or 40 mph speed limit.

Linked to Casualty Reduction Targets agreed by Hampshire County Council, Police and New Forest District Council, a high priority will be given to potential SLR sites that have a poor accident record (based on last 3 years):

  • 1 or more recorded fatal or serious injuries
  • 3 or more recorded slight injuries


NFDC has four SLRs. Two of these have been provided by HCC to support partnership working on road casualty reduction.

SLRs are normally deployed for three weeks in each direction. Batteries have to be changed once part way through a three week deployment.

SLRs have to be put up and taken down by approved contractors/organisations.


Note 1 - SIDs are portable temporary signs with a variable display that detects and records the speed of an approaching vehicle (but not vehicle details). Priority will be given to locations where one or more of the following apply:

  • there is a history of recorded personal injury accidents
  • available traffic speed information indicates mean average traffic speed is in excess of the speed limit
  • route used by vulnerable road users but does not have facilities such as footways, crossing points, cycle lanes).


SID signs we currently have are suitable for deployment on public roads (excluding motorways and trunk roads) within NFDC's administrative area having a speed limit of 50 mph or less. The SLRs we have are suitable for use on roads having either a speed limit of 20mph, 30 mph or 40 mph. The will normally be deployed at sites where a SID deployment has been previously agreed.

SIDs & SLRs will not be used within 1 km of fixed camera locations or on any mobile Safety Camera site or Route.

Locations where there are street lights to attach a SID or SLR to are more straightforward (see below) and reduce the likelihood of serious damage or theft of the SID. The owners of electricity and telephone poles do not allow us attach SIDs or SLRs to them.

The location needs to be clear of any road related hazards (bends, junctions, busy accesses etc), warning or regulatory signs.

SIDs and SLRs will normally only be deployed in locations where they are overlooked by residential properties so as to reduce the likely hood of vandalism or theft (to date there have been two instances of serious damage to our SIDs & SLRs). Exceptions will be considered by the NFSRG if there is a cluster of recorded personal injury accidents (or stock animal accidents) and the availability of a suitable street light to fix the SID/SLR to will also be a factor.

If a suitable street lighting column is not available (cannot use poles that carry electric or telephone wires) the agreed alternative is a temporary steel post and permanent socket in the ground (so it can be re-used if required). The SID request needs to identify a "partner" who will fund part of the cost of the socket. Parish Council sometimes contribute. The amount of the contribution will be notified to partners once the SID deployment has been agreed in principle.

Safer Roads Officer site assessment for SID/SLR deployments will be forwarded to the NFSRG for consideration.


Requests should be sent to:


New Forest District Council,

Appletree Court,

Beaulieu Road,


SO43 7PA

Telephone: 02380 285260

E Mail:

All requests and complaints relating to enforcement of speed limits should also be sent to NFDC.


HCC has worked closely with a sign manufacturer to develop a new generation of temporary battery operated speed limit reminder sign for deployment across Hampshire where communities are troubled by drivers apparently disregarding existing posted speed limits. The County Council, through its second round Local Public Service Agreement target with Government to improve safety on Hampshire's roads, has made two such signs available to NFDC.

SLR signs are different to Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS). VASsare permanently placed signs that typically display to approaching drivers a sign they would be familiar with from the Highway Code (such as a bend or junction warning sign), or perhaps a reminder of the prevailing speed limit. Following Department for Transport (DfT) advice contained in a Traffic Advisory Unit Circular, the County Council only use these types of sign typically where there is a measured road casualty problem (using Police recorded personal injury crash data) and where it is believed there are no other suitable engineering measures.

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Updated: 19 Jun 2015
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